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shortest video ever! replacing the m.2 wifi is no big deal on the Lenovo yoga with 8th gen i7 CPU. even a novice can do this pretty easily.

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This is also the solution to the question “How do i get WiFi working on Linux on X laptop?” Assuming your laptop isn’t a Lenovo with whit-listed WiFi modules.

Replaced the craptastic wifi module in my HP notebook with a nice Intel AC 9260.
Does a magnitude 30 better job (before: 2Mbit down, 1.9Mbit up, Now: 60Mbit down, 60Mbit up). The limiting factors is only having 1 antenna.

Why do manufacturers cheap out on the wifi?

Can confirm for IdeaPad 720s-13ARR.
Stupid Realtek thing wasn’t recognized, switched to the Intel 8265, working fine.

You mentioned you’re probably going to return it. What will you replace it with?

I did return it in fact, and probably getting the gigabyte aero 15x.
really tempted by the system76 6-croe tho… it needs edge to edge screens.

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Hi I think I need to post my adventure upgrading to AC Wifi on my ThinkPad X61.

Firstly you need to update to a modded BIOS. For me this old guide helped me prep a tiny 128mb usb drive for the job.
I got the patched firmware here

Main benefits: swaps the FN/CTRL Key (optional), disables the wifi card whitelist and enabled SATA 2. Also much newer than my old BIOS, so quieter fan profile.

The card I used is: Intel 7260HMW -W041 it must be a Mini PCIE NOT M.2
Also the X61 uses a full length card and this is half-length you will need an adapter. An example name is: “Half Size To Full Mini PCI-E PCI Express Adapter For WiFi Wireless Card”

Okay for disassembly instructions I used this video:

Other upgrades I performed:

  • Ram upgraded from 2GB to 8GB. Officially 4GB is supported, but in reality you can get lucky like me and get ram that works. I am using Samsung M470T5267AZ3-CE6 which is 4GB 2Rx8 PC2-5300S-555-12-03 sodims
  • HDD to SSD: 80GB seagate HDD to 240GB Toshiba OCZ TR200

Pretty snappy now :slight_smile:

I don’t have the skill to do the TN to IPS swap on the screen.

Can anyone tell me what the title of the song at the beginning of the video is? I really like it. It sounds familiar.