Fixing screen tearing without vsync

Hello all. As the title states i want to fix screen tearing without using vsync, specifically on battlefield 4. I have made a user.cfg file setting GameTime.MaxVariableFps 60 went into game and still was getting screen tearing, i then changed it to 59 and still get screen tearing. Is there something im missing?

What's your average framerate without a limit?

during combat about 65ish FPS

So anybody?

So i guess there is no way to fix screen tearing outside of vsync and i will just have to either A. Deal with frame drops from v-sync or B. Lower settings to avoid frame drops.

What GPU are you using. Nvidia has adaptive v-sync that turns itself on when the game goes over 60 FPS and off when it's under.

IDK if AMD has some alternative or not.

I have a Asus R9 280x