Fixing my Zoom H2 help for FPC cable

Hello :)
I need a little help and advice. I have open my Zoom H2 Mic because two of the buttons on the front wont work. I have deduce that the problem is a brak somewhere on the FPC cable but i cant see where so I hesitate to :

A. Skip the cable and solder three wires to the PCB and wire two new buttons glued to the front of the device.

B. Because its a hard place for me to solder, buy a new FPC board bridge and a FPC cable. And making a new keypad for the device with 7 new keys.

In my country its very hard to find uncommon electrical parts so I can order from aliexpress and wait..... but I am not sure if all the FPC cables are the same thickness I measured it 8 pins with 1 mm between connections... Witch way will you do it ? Is there an option C. ?

Thanks for the help and cheers from Bulgaria :)