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Thank you, engine bay has also been trough a good clean and cables have been taped. i’ve also got a carter filter now.
Will post an update some time.


Way before



another angle



Hey guys, where do you buy spare parts for your cars? internet or shop? I wonna order some parts on site, and I will be glad to your advice. Thanks!


OEM just check your local stores like AutoZone or O’Riley’s. Sometimes cheaper on Amazon or eBay.
As for aftermarket. Depends what you are looking for but often manufacturers sell directly online from their store as some parts are made to order.


Looks clean, that is a pretty decent Fiat engine.


Just to think that in a few hours i’ll probably buy an Omega with the same engine (but its RWD) makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :yum:


getting cleaner by the month,
It’s the famous F.I.R.E Engine from Fiat.