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Fixed up / Modified Cars - multimedia post whoring


1 Ford Mustang + 1 Dodge RAM = 0 sense
I hate this but it's his money.

This one I get.


This is a nightmare for @SoulFallen and I. It's a $250,000 marketing show car.
I don't want or like it but hey, it won awards for execution.


Meh. I just changed my timing belt today, the Cam had jumped over 2 notches so... The change of belt and readjustment lead to some serious increase in engine response. About to take it for a cruise now.


I found that red car hideous but was curious how can one spend that much on mods. Must admit that I shopped for access port because my car needs that fix. Had a v1 for fuel economy mode but killed it by using the wrong voltage AC transformer




That red car looks like crap tbh.... But everyone has different tastes. Btw sick ass ride @SoulFallen :slight_smile:


I mean it was made back during a transition period and then certain disagreements were had between myself and upper management... tis sad.. I really liked that old name haha but thank you for linking it. I appreciate that after my first death my work goes appreciated haha


debadged the car


Lookin’ good.
My WRX is “shaved” too.


perrin shift stop, helps guide my stick into her shift gates.


You’re lucky it was a badge and not a decal. Decals are a pain in the ass to remove.



Whoops didn’t mean to reply to u



Lol that last one rip


That car looks like a beetle.


yes, I am 12 years old and nearly drown in kool aid but look at it :heart_eyes:


here some subifest2018 pics here in socal


I had some fun with my own car,
Video quality is pretty shit but hey… dashcam…


nice intake.