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Unfortunatly no subs.


looks amazing!


tobad he did not talk about the numbers lol.
currious how fast it is, but probably fast.


yeah, i was expecting him to mash on it, but i guess if he did the rear diff would explode lol


cause we all love e30's






Old school porsche 911, pretty much the best porsche ever made.



It's got a cop engine, cop tires, cop brakes, cop shocks, top secret James Bond stuff and costs over six figures.
I love sleepers and the work of ICON.



Some cool tech


hey guys,

the red texture shift knob

or the adjustable dragonball one?


I like the dragonball. I think the red one is too loud. The dragonball also seems more elegant.


Yeah that particular color is too much but I think the red powder coat is ok


figure this thread was kinda redundant so i'll just post here from now on.


Now you have me completely confused.

I will just drop this in here, because it's too good not to share.

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