[FIXED] TR 1950x + Win 1903 => BSOD

Hi All,

I was running Windows 1803 on my TR 1950x overclocked to 4.1Ghz (asrock taichi x399). It ran rock solid.
After upgrading to Windows 1903, I had 1 unexplained reset.
But waking up after sleep results in a 100% BSOD.
I upgraded to the latest BIOS, reset my BIOS settings, installed latest drivers etc. But this doesn’t help.

Does anyone have the same problem? Any suggestions?

I have a 2950x that doesn’t sleep well either.

  1. it seldom goes to sleep on its own
  2. It slips into a coma while asleep and won’t wake up

No overclocking. This was under 1809, just installed 1903 will see what happens.

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Just by mentioning it, another coma … Walked by the office and noticed the aio pump leds are on, which normally goes out during sleep. HD light is blinking occasionally like the machine is alive. Bump the mouse, nothing. Tap a few keys on keyboard, nothing. Press the power button, flurry of HD light activity. Monitor reporting No Signal…

Press and HOLD power button, system powers off.

I manually give the sleep command.
And it always results in “internal power error”.

It’s truly shocking Microsoft releases such buggy SW.

Update: after working with the Microsoft help desk, they concluded the issue is caused by the nVidia 1080Ti driver. Contacted nVidia in order to resolve the issue.

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The issue is fixed after re-installing windows.
This is really sad … Microsoft cannot even make a decent update mechanism of their OS. :disappointed_relieved:

After installing all my applications and drivers again … the issue resurfaced again :frowning: .

I’m now quite certain that the BSOD is caused by the X399 chipset drivers from AMD.
As far as I can tell the issue resurfaced after installing the AMD X399 chipset drivers.

Now things are working fine after my 2nd reinstall of Windows in 2 days :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: