[FIXED] integrated graphics won't work properly (intel 3000 w/ 6770M)

hello everyone.
i bought myself a laptop (2nd hand) and reinstalled windows but i-am unable to get the dualgraphics working properly.
at first it would not work at all on the 6770M but after a few hours of trying all sorts of stuff i got it to work in fixed mode(in bios).
but that means i can only use the 6770m when i-am plugged in.
and i cannot even open CCC for some reason now.

so its not really working.
when choosing dynamic mode games will only run on the intel 3000 again.......

so can somebody please help me step by step on how to properly install these drivers?

my specs:

HP DV6-6b50ed
Ram: 8gb
CPU: i7-2670QM
GPU: Intel graphics 3000 |and| Radeon HD6770M (2gb)
Running under Windows 8.1 64bit (fully updated by now (with start is back))

all other drivers are correctly installed.

Hopefully somebody can help me out.


07-07-2015 16:26

I fixed it :D


first i wen't into the bios (pressing esc when starting and then F10)
then i went to graphics settings and set it from Dynamic to Fixed.

after that you restart.
uninstall the AMD drivers using DDU

Restart again
download the drivers from your laptop brand's website!! important!
i downloaded it from the HP website (search your laptop model for the correct driver)

Install the downloaded driver.

After it is installed open catalyst control panel and go to power play en make sure you are currently using the Performance GPU.

now go to the AMD website and get the latest stable driver for your OS and GPU model.
install that driver on top of the laptop manufacturer's driver.

test it out.

go into Bios again and set gpu settings from Fixed to Dynamic.

DONE :D It took me a long time but this fixed all my problems.
if the core clock stays low replug the charging cable and it will fix itself

Fixed it