[fixed] HELP mobo not recognizing video card

I have a Crosshair V formula Z and R9 290, for whatever reason it is not being recognized. I have flashed the bios repeatedly to older revisions with avail and I am back using 2101. I have a corsair AX860 and I've made sure all connectors are firmly in place. I've been using my computer with a GT520 which works perfectly fine. Other components: fx 8350, 16gb Gskill sniper 2400mhz, 4X kingston hyperx 3k 120gb, 2tb seagate barracuda,

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

do you have a different GPU you can try?

Try it in a different PCI slot. I had a similar problem once.

reset cmos

yes, as stated my GT520


have multiple times, took the battery out for an hour too

Any way to test the R9 290 in a different system?

yes, works perfectly

any other suggestions?

if you put back your previous card, does it shows image then?

Please elaborate on not being recognized.  Do you get no output from the 290 at all, or are you able to see BIOS POST, etc.?  If the problem only occurs once you hit the OS, have you tried uninstalling the GT520 drivers prior to installing the 290?

yeah, everything works perfectly with the GT520 but when when I put the 290 in, the system still posts as I can tell with read out on the motherboard, but the 290 doesn't even give post read out.

I don't have windows installed yet, as I wanted to try and fix this first. When the GT520 is in the motherboard it works perfectly and shows post and I can get to the bios. In the bios of the crosshair V formula z you can go to a feature called gpu/dimm post where it shows you the ram you have installed and the gpus you have installed and the GT520 shows up there, and so does al my RAM, but no 290. I have put this 290 in other systems and have had no issues, I have no idea whats going on.

False alarm guys, I have absolutely no idea what I did, but everything is working again, thanks for all suggestions they're still much appreciated.

probably did not installed the 290 properly in the pci-e slot or something.

can sometimes happen with those bigger heavy cards.