[fixed] Does anyone else have issues with Youtube on Firefox, or is it just me?

The title sais it all...
3 days ago YouTube was running fine. Then it stopped loading the video in the middle of it. Never loaded a video ever since. No issues with any other website though...
That is on Firefox. On Chrome it works like a charm. But then i need to migrate like all my other things to chrome and honestly screw that.
Anyone had similar issues in the last few days and do you have any idea what can i do to solve the thing...

Wotks like before, maybe clean your cache? Might be farfetched but it's the fisrt thing that plops to mind

ok, how?

me to, all buisness as usual. No idea why your Fox is on fire :D

yes I know that was a terrible joke but i just couldn't help myself

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Easiest option might be in the privacy settings in remember history or w/e there choose to delete cache on exit.

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No change... The time bar under the video is inactive as well...
Funny thing is, it loads the menus and everything, but it doesn't load the video at all... Oh well...
I guess i can live with Chrome open for Youtube only...

I get that same issue on occasion. No idea what causes it...no idea what fixes it. Comes and goes at random.

OK, i updated the stupid browser and behold the working youtube...

Hmm, maybe try another DNS? It shouldn't be a fix but again its those things i'd try first, streaming media is streaming media it shouldn't require any browser special tweaks unless someone's up to shady business or your browser is horrisendly infected....

Well i personally had allot of issues with the Firefox 50.0.2 and 50.0.3 alike quick rollout release.
Youtube was working okay, but the tabs crashing more often then not.
And java applets were buggy and laggy.
It annoyed me soo much, that i had to roll back to my previous version of FF.

I had this issue as well, time bar at the bottom of videos would say 0:00. I checked to make sure it's running html5 and it was. I went in, updated flash (because I was running out of ideas at that point) and lo and behold it worked... no idea if that actually was the problem or just a coincidence but it gives you something to try anyway.

Fun fact: I know a lot of people having a lot of issues with Firefox. Knocking on wood, this is the first serious issue i encounter with Firefox for the last... 11 years?! Something like that... And now, i updated it and it's all fine again. It's true, i am using it for standard issue user, but i really didn't had any issues with it...

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I am just shocked to hear anyone using Firefox. I tried to give it a chance again a couple times over the past few years and it was just slow and not as easy to use as it once was. The shine came off of it for me.

Depends on needs really.
Firefox by far has the best plugin support.

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What do you mean shocked ? Been the number 1 tweaker browser in forever ? I would not say it is the best at certain things but it is the best for customizing. Opera has gotten better. Vivaldi has a long way to go. Chrome is like sticking a shotgun to your head ? With IE still being IE and Edge that may never really get off the ground with ms current stupidity.

Some standards changing and some serious tinkering under the hood has made it bit flakey.

Chrome works. I am not paranoid about giving up my information. If they want to know everything about me governments and companies will so who cares what Google does. Chrome works and Firefox like I said was trash for me when using it in recent times. As for how you described Chrome you don't think you could have used better wording?

Plugin support is where Firefox shines. Only plugins. Chrome has I like is syncing my light bulbs to the browser but it is just a novelty.