[Fixed]DirectX 11 issue

I recently got my Far cry 3 game, but when i went in to the setting i saw that i could not turn on DX11, my only option is DX9. I have got a Asus gtx 670 TOP with the newest drivers (306.97) and directX 11 (downloaded 27.11.12). 

Hope it helps, i'm from Norway, so my english may be a bit flimsey.

This is unlikely but... your not running windows XP still right?

No, win7 64-bit sp1

How did you get far cry 3 already ?

You haven't had issues with any other DX11 games in the past?

no not that i know of, but i have seen many others having problem with nvidia cards. no resolution solved my problem...

you might wanna know, at the start of the game the screen flickers.


We have a very kind shop here in norway which sends the game whit an overnight shipping. and all shops were allowed to send out the 25th. 


Veryify that DX11 works on your computer using 3D Mark 11 demo, if DX11 isn't working on your computer the demo won't run. If it does run, then there is something funny about the interaction of FC3 and your drivers. It doesn't seemed to have been released yet, perhaps it will have a day 1 patch if this is a common issue.

ah yes , people had the exact same problem. A youtuber totalbiscuit with the channel TotalHalibut made a vid for Far Cry 3 on PC and he couldn't turn on DX11 either (he had a GTX680), he said maybe you can only turn on after a patch on release day. well since you got it early you might expect some issues.

I fixed it it was a driver issue, nvidia has released a new beta driver, spesifically targeting this issue with far cry 3. 

Thanks for the help.