Fix screen flicker in vlc when adjust volume

For those that HATE it when the screen flickers of you’re adjusting volume in VLC media player while playing a video or movie, here’s the fix that worked for me:

To go tools, Preferences, Video button, Output …and select " XvIDEO (XCB)" as the option via the drop down option. restart vlc.

I don’t remember needing to do this in Windows, but many linux distro’s needed this adjustment (shruggs). I’d still rather stay in Linux. …In the immortal words of MLK jr. " Free at last…free at last…Thank God almight…FREE at last."

Mint 20 cinnamon 64 bit here
rx 580 8GB sapphire nitro+ vid card
4790k ( until the next upcoming gen of zen 3 desktop cpu’s arrive)

Hope this helps. Cheers.

XV is an extension to the Xorg server, it does not exist in MS Windows.

If you were using the auto option, try to switch to opengl or VDPAU or VAA or something else and see if you get better playback. With a 580, VLC can use the onboard decoders.

I’m already good. I solve the problem as I eluded to a few days ago. :smiley:

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