Fitting a Corsair H100 CPU cooler into a Corsair 200R case?

I recently built a new rig and need some advice on cooling.  I've been using the stock fan that came with the FX-8350, but it sounds like a jet engine under full load, so I picked up a refurbished H100 self-contained water CPU cooler to install.

Problem:  the radiator AND fans together are too thick to fit inside the top of the case.  I was wondering if it would be wise to mount the radiator inside the case and the two 120mm fans outside on the top of the case.  There is plenty of ventilation on the top to let the fans cool the radiator sufficiently.  I have a brother who works in a machine shop, so if I need to mod the case to allow fan cables in from the outside, no big deal.

Also, what is the best config for the H100?  Push, pull, or push/pull?

push and pull usually nets the best results. i have a fan mounted on my old HTPC that i sold to my cousin shouldnt be a problem. i actually think it looks cooler with external fans.