First XFX Radeon Cards Pictured

Here are the first sighting of the XFX HD 4800 Cards.

Some European Retailer have already began selling the cards.

More info found here:

Source: TechPowerup


the second one looks TUFF! i'd hit it, and since it seems like they're making the 4850, i think i really will hit it.

the second one for sure the first looks ehh.. green and red don't look good

i know these cards are sooo awesome im using 2 of them for the STEALH PC:]

as an nvidia fan boy i admit the second one looks very badass it looks tough and dosent have ati stickers on it

hey 21DD23... sorry I edited the post... those cards were so nice that I had to make a blog post on the main page about them...

thanks for the pics!

lol, np. they look even nicer now.

The 4850 looks really nice. And i like how they made the dvi ports red for ati.


The second one really look like nvidia card ^^, which makes it pretty awesome...

I definitely like the second one more, simply because the green logo clashes with the red so much.

no release dates yet? i'm realllllly anticipating this now.

Lol @ second card's DVI ports, they are freaking RED!

And first one as well ;)

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green and red can look really cool together, since they are opposite colors there is a lot of contrast. The transparent red and the color they are using just don't combine with the type of green.

the first one looks awful in my opinion, the second one looks pretty cool despite is a slower one, if they would have made the 4870 like the 4850 could have been kickass, the fact that XFX now produces ATI cards doesnt leaves me very happy but bleh = .=

aw sweet hey logan would i be able to crossfire that xfx with my current asus 4850? i have a asus p45 chipset right now.

@ Ghost, yes you should be able to as manufacturer makes no difference.

thanks jesus :D