First Value Build - Gaming PC

Back in January , my goal was to simply get as much computer power as possible for under 700$ (essentially the best FPS in gaming environment at a decent resolution). My final price was close to $550. I bought off friends, ebay, newegg, whatever had super blowout prices and checked benchmarks, buying a part when I couldn't not (I know double negative) buy it. Here's my build:

(I got my OS for free from my university. Also, I used an old DVD drive, keyboard, speakers, monitor, and my abyssus. Peripherals are not a current concern of mine right now though, so there's no need to delve into this area.)

I now have a bit more money and time to spend on some upgrades. Also, I'd like to overclock what I already have before I explore this route. A good overclocking guide or site would be much appreciated.

I'm using a stock CPU fan. What is the best fan to overclock my CPU? Also, I'm wondering what would effect my gaming the most after that (in terms of additions and upgrades).


Some questions/areas of thought:

-is it safe to overclock my Zotac flavored GPU, and how does one do that (link or reference to check out?)
-I haven't looked into my frills on my motherboard. there's some 'unlocking' and evo means something, do I max out what I already have?

-Which cooling set-ups would significantly help me overclock (some good all around cooling parts or if you know some that specifically work well with a part or two of mine. I used the stock cooling compound on my CPU, too if there's a better standard in that.)


-I plan to tutor and broadcast a stream (currently over a 512 up unfortunately) 


So, it's late and I'm not that well organized mentally, but I basically want to utilize what I already have to the fullest, then buy things to help overclock, then upgrade or add. 200-300$ price range

First post. Whap.

Your not going to get that much performance out of overclocking those old parts.

That motherboard whont take newer FX cpu's ether (acording to asus) only the AMD Phenom II X4 and AMD Phenom II X6 cpu's upto 140w try grabing one of those cheap off ebay.

Then spend the rest on a newer video card and a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO for cooling.

His cpu recommendation was valid. He said an x6 not an x4. Synthetic benchmark here.

Overclocking means more heat. That gpu looks like it has 1 40 mm fan on it. You should check the temps of it while under load before pushing it with an overclock.