First Timer: Gaming Mini-ITX @ Around $1200

Hi, this is my first time building a PC and due to an absolute lack of space, I have decided to go for a Mini-ITX build. I have a budget of around US$ 1200. These are the parts I have currently decided on minus cooling and power supply which I need help on deciding.

I'm aware that this is probably over budget but I don't know which parts can afford to be downgraded.
I am currently living in Singapore so the prices are kind of wonky in comparison to the US but I am open to any suggestions and comments.

Thanks in advance.


Processor: Intel i5 3570k  

Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 660ti Video Card  

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz 8 GB (2x4)  

Motherboard: ASRock Z77E-ITX 

Storage: HDD: WD 2TB Caviar Black 

                SSD:  OCZ Vertex 4 

Power Supply:

Cooling: Air?: Water?: 

Case: Bit Fenix Prodigy

Just a question.

Are there any AMD alternatives for the videocard/processor I might want to look into? I heard that they are usually cheaper but are hotter and are less stable, especially their drivers. 

Pretty similar specs to the one I am building. Even tho I can't stand the Prodigy case.

For PSU you can get one of the Antec EarthWatt Platinum. I believe there's a 450W model, you won't need more then that. Just make sure it has two 6-pin PCI-e connectors for the GPU. But you can't go wrong with SeaSonic.

For such a PSU size limited case I would recommend a non-modular powersupply. Modular cables makes the PSU 1" longer. No good for tiny space.

the FX8350 apparently smokes the i5 in most games, and A 7870 will be better then the 660ti unless you're doing heavy editing in Photoshop. also- hotter, sometimes. AMD tends to use more wattage then Nvida, ergo they might run 1-5c hotter, how ever- the 7870 is not only gonna be slightly faster, it's also gonna be slightly cheaper.

"slightly faster" ?

I want you to look at DX11 games. Who is still playing Crysis Warhead anyways?!

Without a doubt, HD7870 is a better price/performance choice, but a GTX 660 Ti is faster ;)

Do I need any extra fans to help with airflow?
I'm guessing with a small case there might be a problem.

Also, regarding the processor, what is a good amount to overclock, assuming I get an H100 or H100i,


4.5 GHz easy. Depends on how your motherboard reacts to overclocking.

The Prodigy is a flexible case. I would have the H100i in the top of the case, and use the fans as intake pull-config. You might as well get a fan in the front for cooling the GPU. I can't remember if it's included with the case or not.

EDIT: If you're overclocking any higher than 4.2 GHz, DO NOT get the Antec EarthWatt Platinum series. They're cheap and efficient, but lack stable voltage output. I can highly recommend SeaSonics G-series PSU models: 80+ Gold, great build quality and probably the tightest voltage output for a budget PSU.

AMD has newer drivers since then, so yeah probably faster or equal to in everything besides those Nvidia specific games like Bf3.

Nvidia has also improved their drivers so your argument is rather grey.

Dont get the H100i. get air cooling, the airflow in m-itx cases isnt all too great mostly and you need a good airflow, get like a phanteks low profile cooler. Itll save you money to spend on the GPU or other stuff.