First time website

Hey, I have never developed a website but i've heard of software that could help such as adobe's edge tools etc. So, can you possibily suggest some web dev tools, advice and a few guidelines.

Your awesome ,


A quick and dirty rundown of some popular tools. (If you're just starting with websites and have no knowledge of HTML/CSS (and want to learn) I'd recommend learning those first and not starting with some point and click solution)

Adobe Photoshop
is generally used for creating mockups/comps for the design of your site.

Twitter Bootstrap - - HTML, JS, CSS Framework. Learn it, live it, love it.

Firebug - - used for inspecting and troubleshooting html/css/js/etc

Notepad++ - - I prefer Notepad++ as my text editor of choice. There are other dedicated IDE's out there but I prefer this one for it's simplicity.

Thanks zim I appreciate the help and I'm gonna follow up with my progress in the future , like really thxs (y)

There is also some hosting sites like hostgator.comĀ  that has WYSIWYG apps.