First Time SLI Gaming Rig 2

This are the parts I've chosen. I think it's a bit too expensive at about $2400. Is there anything i can take away or downgrade to reduce cost?

So many things I would change. Total budget, if $2400 is too high?

about $1500 - $2000

Is this primarily for gaming?

You don't need an i7 and 16GB of RAM for gaming. I've made other changes to the storage and the power supply. 760 platinum is more than enough to power this machine.

Other changes can be made. I would actually advise grabbing a single GTX 770. That's all you need for 1080p gaming with ulra textures and post processing. A 1080p 60Hz panel will act like a bottleneck on any SLI setup. Better to have a single card, bud.

Also this happens to be the cheaper alternative to the monitor you have chosen.

Probably more changes could be made to get this closer to $1500-1600, quite easily.

You will kill 1080p with this.

I read benchmarks saying that 2 gtx 760 in SLI is better than a single gtx 780, and it's cheaper, but in the cost of more heat.

Trouble is, both the 780 and 760 sli are likely to be bottlenecked by a 1080p 60Hz display. So the additional performance that you could get from 760 sli... you won't even see. In my opinion, a single 780 would actually be more suitable. and the 770 an even better, cost effective choice.

Dual cards adds a higher frame time, more power consumption, and less support for games.

Like i said, dual gtx 760 is CHEAPER than a single gtx 780, thats why i'm thinking of getting it.

Then you don't understand anything. You won't see the difference.

Yes, the 760 sli setup will give a higher performance value, but your monitor will bottleneck them.

Grab a single GTX770 and save even more money!

Yes, they are cheaper, but in gamesa and applications that don't support SLI, you will be stuck with the performance of a single 760. Also, I do believe that the rig I posted is about $400 cheaper, perfectly in your budget, still with a 780?

Here is mine (revised). 

So if I really want to see the performance, i have to get multi-monitor?

Switch that PSU to an Seasonic X 650; right new, they are less than $80! They also hit 80+ Platinum under cold testing, and have more than enough wattage for 770 SLI, even overclocked.

The 760 sli would be beneficial for other display configurations, yes. For example:

High resolution monitors, greater than 1080p. e.g 1440p

Surround setups (3 monitor gaming)

High refresh rate monitors, 120-144Hz.

For 1080p, you only really need a single high-end card. A single 760 would be enough for most games.

I wasn't sure if you meant the Seasonic or the Lepa G at that particular price point.

The AX matches the colour scheme of the motherboard ;) .. but I changed it anyway.

Oh.. Thanks a lot guys!!! I'm kinda new to computer tech stuff, so sorry if I pissed anyone off with my bad knowledge of tech..