First Time PC Builder

Hi, i'm a first time PC Builder and would like a recommendation or two on some builds.


  • Budget: 800$ USD
  • I prefer Newegg
  • I have a mouse, keyboard and 2 monitors
  • I will be gaming, mostly battlefield 4 after playing bf3
  • I don't currently want to overclock
  • Do not include the harddrive in the budget as i have a 1tb hard drive with windows that works great for me
  • I also need a motherboard with built in wifi capability as i connect to my router wirelessly.

If you Game-

  • I would like to see a decent 60 fps out of bf4 at say, med

I also already own a gtx 650 ti boost 2gb.

I also own a  CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 600W Power supply.

I am just looking for a build that includes these but, not in the budget.

I am also looking to get another 650 ti boost 2gb and have dual gpu's but only if i have extra money.

So everything BUT a gpu and power supply. 

Instead of everyone telling you what to get, go here: and build up what you think is a good PC within your price range. You'll learn much more if you first try yourself.

Plus pcpartpicker tells you where you can get everything the cheapest.

800$ before or after taxes. If after, how much are taxes in your area. Do you want another 650 ti boost to be part of this build? Do you also need a dvd burner player? After you answer that I can make you a build that you might like. BTW, a 600 watt psu *might* not be enough to power two 650 ti boosts and everything else. 

O.K. So i don't want another graphics card then i just hope the boost is enough. The tax is generally at a rate of 10% and 800$ including taxes. I don't want a dvd burner right meow.


That's well in your budget and I hope I haven't forgotten anything or included something you already own. Most parts are from newegg. Instead of the Asus Radeon 7950 you can buy a second GTX 650ti Boost which would equal a GTX 670 in perfomance from what I know. You'd approx. save 100 bucks but the 7950 is more powerful especially in a multi monitor setup as you have already two monitors. With this setup you should be good to go for Battlefield 4 and any game in the future for a while and you should also be able to get more than 60fps on Ultra or at least High as I cannot say how Battlefield 4 will play on that hardware.

Keep in mind that this would be my personal choice. I even own some of these parts myself and play Battlefield 3 on Ultra and everything maxed out on 64 man servers with absolutely no problems and 80-100fps. In 1080p though and only one monitor.

Yeah, does it have wifi capability?

Not without a WLAN stick, no. But I bought a Netgear WNA3100 for 17€ which has phenomenal reach. Don't know how much it is in the US but I guess not that much more expensive.

Almost the same.

Thanks. Is 600w enough for the build you had including the gpu?

More than enough. I'm running a 550W PSU and everything's alright. If you'd use dual GPUs with 2 650ti boosts you'd probably need a stronger one but with the 7950 you're absolutely fine with yours. And honestly I think the 7950 is better than 2 650ti boosts as it comes with 3 free games of your choice and there are several deals in your country for that card which I'm really jealous about.

O.K. Thanks soo much

Keep two things in mind: The 7950 is highly overclockable and matches the performance of a 760 if not a 770 from Nvidia depending on the degree you overclock it. You mentioned that you don't want to overclock your CPU for now but if you should change your mind buy a stronger cooling solution. The boxed cooler is fine I tested it myself and the warmest the CPU got was around 58°C. It does produce quite a bit of noise when you start a game but it is negligible.

No problem at all. If anybody has another suggestion hear them out. I'm a newbie myself but I build myself almost the exact same rig (except I was gifted a GTX 770 which I sold to get myself a stronger CPU and chose the 760 as it was on sale at a local retailer) and I can max out everything. There are some games like Crysis 3 or Metro Last Light which you won't be able to completely max out regarding the filters but seriously... it looks still kickass.

Ok, i got the setup you recommended, it will be here on thursday i'll let everyone know how it goes

Alright. I hope it fills you with joy as my new computer does for me.

Remember: Overclocking parts requires a beefier power supply.

Be careful when overclocking a CPU, and do not do large overclocks with a stock cooler.

And I personally try to buy parts that you may return from local retailers (Microcenter is my favorite). For example, I love that I can return non-functioning motherboards there without going through an RMA

Good luck.