First time PC build


So I've posted a couple of times on what to build and I've got back some very good advice.

I want to build a PC that can edit, game and can be overclocked well. that is what I have so far,

I already have a P8B75-V Asus motherboard and hope it is good for the job here it is on Amazon:

I'm not sure on the graphics card, what would you recommend? I was thinking prehaps a GTX 680 or a GTX 760, I was thinking of something around £200 ish (can go over)

What SSD do you think it also good, I'm thinking of raiding it with my 60GB SSD as it keeps on filling!

Also, does anyone know where you can get some sata cables as I don't have any more for the SSD and harddrive.

What power supply could I also us, I would like one with 80+ gold/bronze/silver whatever one is more practical.

Thank you so so so much for your time, you are AWESOME! :)

Also any tips that you could give me for building the computer, I've watched Logan's video, but any other tips would be great.