First time PC build (Gaming focused) £750-800ish budget

Hey guys, I'm looking to build a gaming pc for the first time. I've read quite a bit about it (with some help from threads on here, thanks). The build has a budget of £750 to just over 800.

Here is my list of parts:

The main reason I'm here is which GPU to go with. I've been looking for quite a while and came to the conclusion that I think the AMD HD 7950 would be the right card for me (open to other suggestions though). I'm having trouble deciding which brand to go with. There are 3 I have in mind at the moment.

The Sapphire Vapor-X which comes highly recommended but I'm unsure if it will actually be able to fit in my build.

The Gigabyte model

And finally the HIS IceQ x2 model (£240 is probably a bit over the limit I'd like to pay)

My budget would be max £240 for the GPU.

Also feel free to have a look at the build in general and advise on that too.

Thanks for the help :)

That build looks really good I would get the MSI 7950 It will really round out your build and make a great gaming machine with that i5

Great build and agree with twin frozer MSI 7950

HIS IceQ X2 is better than the MSI, easily the best 7950. The MSI TF would be my second suggestion.

Solid build!

MSI HD7950 TwinFrozr OC Boost Edition AMD Graphics Card - 3GB £189.35  (cheaper than amazon)

Thanks again for the feedback & help guys =).

I have looked at the MSI card and it does seem like a good deal for the price. Although having read through numerous reviews for the card it has kind of put me off it due to the problems a lot of people mention having.

Berserker you say that the HIS is the best 7950 for that money? Maybe I should just bite the bullet and get that card if so.

It is the best 7950. But the MSI, at that price, is a steal.

All GPUs are luck of the draw, to be honest. You can get a bad MSI, you can get a good MSI. I'm uncertain if the MSI TF has undergone a new revision, the bad reviews have become a little more frequent in recent times.