First time installing linux, help?

I have a little acer aspire One, a friend gave to me because they got a real rig, I want to instal ubuntu or linux (something similar to those,  its a low spec laptop, 1gb ram, 8mb video ram, 160gb caviar blue)

how go about doing that? I cant do much on the laptop it self somehow the permisions got all fucked up so I cant change anything, do I just take the harddrive out and plug it into my main rig? if so what do I do from there? 



go into the bios (f2 on boot) and turn on the F12 boot device selection and then download any kde linux distro and it'll work

also for building the usb boot device, use yumi (its more reliable then unetbootin and doesn't crash)

otherwise have fun

alright, im going to try yumi now. wish me luck :P

If it is a an Acer aspire one. I would recommend lubuntu (it is fast, somewhat userfriendly, and doesn't have driver issues). It doesn't suck the life out of your computer. You would need the i386 version of the linux you decide to install. (lubuntu is just ubuntu with a lightweight user interface).

You would need following:

the memstick image for i386 pcs

visit to get a memstick creator.

make the memstick. (on your desktop computer if necessary )

reboot your little Acer One. when it posts the startup-screen "press something for setup typically F2 or F12 or something like that to enter the BIOS and set it up to boot from usb as first priority. "Save and exit". Then it reboots (if you already have the memstick in it will reboot into the linux installer). Just follow the steps (you can choose to have windows on your pc. you can choose to shrink your windows partition if you want to do that).

and that would be it

have fun


is there an option to comepletly erase windows and everything on the machine and leave just ubuntu and whatever Is important?

yep that is the standard (and best way to install linux)


alright great! 

will do that 

destroy everything but the restore particians

coming at you guys from my new linux machine, its not exactly fast at all, feels like death coming from my main rig. but still now I have a ugly pink acer aspire one to use when im not at my desk:) 

thanks guys!

don't feel bad lol, i had a purple one then it died in hell fire

it died in hell fire?... What?!

don't try to repair it if it breaks lol, bad bad things happen


It is probably the unity window manager. They removed unity 2D in Ubuntu some while ago, so now it is the slow Unity interface you have and that makes everything feel slow. It is an intel atom based computer and unity is made for faster computers. I will still recommend you try to install LXDE. (you can do it from the software center. Then you don't have to reinstall linux.)

thanks for the heads up :P

Sorry gave you the heads up when I wrote that you should install lubuntu instead of ubuntu :(

I was giving the heads up to not taking apart your craptop.


I installed ubuntu 12.10

it runs great, I was saying it was not fast. but thats just because its not a great laptop.(specs above)



I didn't want to start a flame war. If you like Ubuntu with unity great. It is a good OS with a reasonable and easy to use window manager. I just wanted to give you some good advice about running a good beginners Linux on lower spec PCs.

Ubuntu is great for driver support and is very user-friendly.

I have run linux since the Red Hat 6.0 so I know a lot of distros even some bsd distros if that fancy your interest. Even wrote some custom drivers myself. Programs you might want to install on your new system is (Xchat IRC client, Libreoffice (for text-editing) and the g++ compiler (c++ for linux), and VLC mediaplayer). If you need a cloudservice and you have a static ip you could apache-server and ownCloud.


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