First time I built a PC. What do you think?

CPU: i5 3570k

GPU: Gigabyte hd 7870 (might overclock)

HDD: WD Blue 500gb (I should have bought more ;/)

CASE: CM HAF 912 ( cheap and big i like it)

MOBO: ASrock z68 Pro3 Gen3

Normal dvd drive

PSU: Corsai TX 650w

RAM: Gskill extreme 4x2 8gb 1866


What do you guys think? How will it run games like bf3 and skyrim. (No games yet im broke) XD

correct me if im wrong, but i think you need a Z77 MOBO for actually pretty sure you do...

Nope. I bought this mobo and I was stupid didnt know it wasn;t compatible so I got my friend to lend me a sandy bridge so I could flash the BIOS and now everything works fine with my ivy bridge. 

From what I have read you will lose some features. If you can get a z77.

What exatcly will I lose. I have a 30 day return on newegg so I can get a z77. Stupid of me its only 5 dollers more and I can crossfire. The only thing is that I dont want to wait for a new mobo to ship.

Just spend a bit more and get this-

Does anyone know how well this can run games like bf3 and borderlands 2?

Max lil over 40 frames your good