First Time Gaming PC


 I'm planning on taking advantage of some 4th of July sales and ordering parts for my first PC - Built for gaming and everyday use.

(Edit: Sorry, previous link was an old version)

Here's what I have so far, I'd love to see what you guys think.

To answer some of the sticky questions:

Budget: My max price range is $750-$800 

Country: United States

Purpose: Gaming and Everyday Use

Overclocking: I might do some more research and do some mild overclocking, but not anything serious

A small side note I might want to add is that I have $100 in Amazon gift cards sitting around that I would like to use, so I would prefer to have at least that much being spent on components from Amazon.

This is going to be a great all around computer you can do some overclocking and will be great in games.  Also I added a cache ssd in there and you use it with sandisk's software with the 1tb drive to make the most used files load faster.

It's got more RAM, better GPU but a cheaper case. This case is still beast though.

If you want something less expensive you could also buy the PowerColor HD7870XT, which is a better version of the 7870.

bit over $800, but all of the compononts are really high end:

BTW for $30 more you might be abel to get AMD 7950 which is better card then GTX 760

here is the review:

hope u like it & EnJoY!!!

This would be nice.

Very good build, but i think he/she wants OS as well with $800 budget.