First time buying bookshelf speaker: help please

Hello everyone!
I need help in choosing some bookshelves speakers; I 've never had speakers to own in my life. I’ll be using them for multi-purpose for games, music, movies. I’ve always used headphones/IEMS especially the HD 660s, My budget is $100.

I would appreciate any recommendations. I am looking for something more neutral frequency, if i could get a speaker experience that is like HD 600s that would be perfect. I don’t have a preference when it comes to being active or passive speakers, just looking for that perfect sound. Thank you.

Out of these choices what would be the best? (most neutral?)
A few choices I have found on Amazon (couldn’t attach the link):
[Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers]

[Edifier P12 Passive Bookshelf Speakers]

[SINGING WOOD BT27 Active Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers with Built-in Control & Remote ]

[SINGING WOOD T25 Passive 2 Way Bookshelf Speakers]

BESTISAN Powered Bookshelf Speakers, Bluetooth 5.0, with Bass Adjustable

I’d recommend these for your price bracket as well. Its good enough. Get an optical/SPDIF/toslink cable for better sounds.

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What’s your budget?

I was very impressed by the Emotiva B1+ speakers, I haven’t heard the new version. The SVS ultra bookshelf speakers are the best bookshelf speakers I’ve tried.

Okay, I’ll go with these. I worry that the cables is not detachable or isn’t like can I replace it in the near future the power cable?

Thank you, for your recommendation my budget is $100-

I think you’ll be hard pressed to find an option that satisfies both requirements.

The Sennheiser HD600 is very clean and resolves well. They’re reference headphones for a reason.

I have KEF LS 50s for speakers. They also are pretty neutral and resolve well. They come pretty close to HD600s after calibration, but, although these are considered bargain speakers for their performance, they are at least an order of magnitude out of your price range.
Switching to cheaper speakers (still significantly above your price limit) I can hear definite loss of quality (and thus an increasing gap compared to HD600).

Based on this experience I’d recommend saving and finding ways to listen to speakers before committing for a purchase.
In the past it used to be relatively normal to have audio stores with listening rooms. In some stores you could actually bring your own receiver/amplifier to get an idea how the speakers would sound with your own equipment. It’s very hard to find such an arrangement these days.

That said: what equipment to you want to attach your speakers to?

You list both passive and active speakers as options you’re looking at. These are quiet different types and require different equipment to connect to them.


The optical cable is detachable and replaceable.

The power cable isnt detachable AFAIK but it shouldnt be an issue unless you have pets that chew cable.

Mackie CR3-X BT are okay.
JBL 104-BT are another option in the low-budget segment.

Your budget (or lack there off) is a bit limiting.

You may be able to find something decent second hand, especially if passive is a legitimate option for you, if you know what you’re looking for.

But I’d be looking at increasing that budget to atleast $300.


For neutral sound, if you can stretch to $300, JBL 305P MkII is the best. You won’t regred it

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They’re good. Best at $300 (maybe).

If you’re interested in active speakers consider other studio monitors. These class of speakers resolve well and typically have a good sound stage. Some have decent neutral bass (respectable for their size).

E.g. Yamaha HS5 or Yamaha HS8
The latter is very well reviewed (maybe a step up from JBL 305P), but is too large for the desktop. I have the HS5 connected to my PC via a Behringer UMC202. Can recommend that combination. But definitely >$300.

btw. The Behringer also drives the HD600 well. :slight_smile:

I have both JBL 305P and Yamaha HS5. Generally, Yamaha HS5 lacks bass.

Here is a website specializing in the benchmarks and reviews with the real measurements.

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Edifier for the win for bookshelve speakers!

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Personally I would recommend picking up a used amplifier & bookshelf speakers. Ebay & thrift stores are full of them. Ebay is a good place to get an amp. For the bookshelf speakers, local thrift stores are a good option. You can usually find second hand hi-fi systems there quite cheap. Sony make some decent little systems. As do Technics. Buy them just for the speakers, & then re-sell (or store) the actual hi-fi system on Ebay.