First time building PC - Specs

So these are the specs of the PC I will be putting together; I just wanted to post the peripherals of the system and get a little community feedback and see what everyone thinks. I'm new to the PC side of gaming, but I did my research and for the money I spent I feel like I did okay. This was approx. 550$





Optical Drive:




It's a beginners build, but I'd be pretty interested to hear what everyone has to say.

I can tell you, that your mobo will get fried pretty quickly with that FX 8320 cpu. I would recommend this build for the budget:

This would give you much greater gaming performance, and much more stable build.

hope i helped :)

This build is kind of a mess. Not to be rude. I know you're new to building so its cool. Lets help you out a bit. 

That motherboard is shit. Pure and simple. It is an ancient chipset and has a bad power phase design. I would not recommend it. Running an 8 Core in there would be quite dangerous. It's power dry would most likely cause some failure of the VRMs and I doubt the motherboard could even supply the kind of power those CPUs require. You'd most likely see blunted performance because it would be strangling that CPU. 

There are no good mATX motherboards for AM3+ socket. Simple as that. For an 8 core I usually recommend a 990FX based motherboard but the ASUS M5A97 R 2.0 (NOT THE LE VERSION) can run it decently for a bit at least. Although I wouldn't OC on that platform

You really don't want to skimp on your motherboard. 

CPU. The 8320 is a very good processor but if you are just gaming you really don't need that kind of power. At this price point, I'd recommend you go with the FX-6300. The six core preforms well in games and is much cheaper. It draws less power too so you could run it on a 970 based motherboard without as much of an issue. You may also want to go with the Athlon 760k or an APU. Most games don't require that much CPU horsepower and you'd be able to spend more money on the GPU which will give you much better in game performance. 

RAM: That RAM is fine. Speed doesn't matter if you are using a dedicated GPU. So you're fine with 1333MHz RAM. However, that RAM is very expensive. There is RAM out there that is much cheaper and will perform the same. Like this

GPU: That GPU is really not very good. It is quite cheap, but it won't perform well in game. I'd recommend a 270X, a GTX 760, a 750Ti or even the new R7 265. They will all be much better. Whatever you can afford.

HHD: For $10 more you can get a 1TB Blue drive. Do it. 

PSU: PSU is crap. Not 80+ certified and I don't trust the brand. Get a Corsair CX500.

Case: I'd get a NZXT Source 210 Elite or a Fractal Design Core 3000 USB3. 


It was an okay built but you made it way too CPU heavy and chose parts that don't work very well together. Just gotta keep it balanced.