First time building pc on budget

Here is the build
cpu:amd fx 6300
cpu cooler: cooler master hyper 103
ram:2x4gb crucial 1600mhz
hdd:hdd sata3 toshiba 1tb 7200
mobo: AM3+ 760G Asus M5A78L-M LX3 VGA
case: cooler master n200
psu: 530W Thermaltake Smart SE SPS-530M
gpu: r9 270 powercolor

I cant change ram,hdd,psu.
So my question is this build gonna work?wont be overclocking and wont be upgrading in a loong time.Will it run games like bf 3,witcher 2,skyrim on medium/high 1080p 60+ fps?
Whoops sry didnt see rules.
My budget is 550 euro
I live in Serbia,pc parts costs more ^^ our currency is dinar.
I will be using it for gaming only
I dont wanna overclock
No need for watercooling
No need for os

1080p 60+ on med/high
skyrim,bf 3,witcher ,some mmos

Here are some websites in Serbia for pc parts:

Please take some time to read through this.

Here i edited,again sry for not seeing dumb -_-

It's all good!
Your chosen CPU is socket FM2, and that's an AM3+ motherboard. They're incompatible FYI.
It's kinda hard to give prices given your location - where are you getting your parts from?

Oh,didnt know amd fx 6300 is FM2 , from Serbia,those websites i sended,l mean give me your opinion on what should i change and il tell u price of those parts how about that?
some price goes for like
CPU options:
amd fx 6300 - 107 euro
athlon x4 860k - 75 euro
amd fx 4300 - 77 euro
amd fx 6100 - 86 euro
GPU options:
Amd radeon 7870 Sapphire GHz Edition 2gb - 133 euro
r7 260x asus oc 2gb - 142 euro
r9 270 powercolor turboduo 2gb - 142 euro
gtx 750 ti palit storm 2gb - 150 euro
r9 270 gigabyte oc 2gb - 183 euro
RAM options:
ddr 3 1x4gb 1866mhz or 1600 kingston hyperx fury - 38 euro
ddr 3 1x8gb 1866mhz kingston hyperx fury 72 euro
We got shitty cases and psu some good are:
Cooler master elite 361 - 31 euro
Fractal design core 1000 usb 3.0 - 37 euro
Cooler master n200 - 37 euro
as for the psu its the best for money,so i cant change that and for motherboard find some cheapest and il see the price.Hope that helps

Oh wow, nope, you were right, it is AM3+.
I was looking at the A4-6300

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Oh,lol :DD

Im going to sleep its 00:00 am here and i need to go school tommorow :D
Try to build something or tell me some advice on pc parts,il look into it tommorow.
Thx for helping :D

CPU wise, greater than 4 cores aren't really going to be beneficial in gaming. The Athlon X4 860K has pretty much the same single core performance as the FX 6300, so you won't see much difference at all unless you're doing things that can use larger core counts (e.g. video editing, 3D modelling), and it beats the FX 4300. Source
So - I'd go for the X4 860K and same some money.

For your GPU, the 7870 is a fine choice out of those - it performs the same as the R9 270, it's just older.

For RAM, Go with 8GB (preferably) if your budget allows for it. Check the latency and frequency of it too though.

And for the case, either the CM N200 or fractal core 1000 will do you fine, it's really about aesthetics here...
Although in the case of IO, the CM N200 does have an extra USB 3 port.

Note that the motherboard you selected in the original post only supports SATA 2, this board is the cheapest AM3+ board at pcpractic with SATA 3 support. It's about 3,000 of your Serbian dinars more expensive though.

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Thx,im going to put final build on pcpartpicker and post it here and u tell me if its good.

Here its done,i didnt put it in pcpartpicker cause i couldnt find some parts:
CPU: athlon x4 860k
CPU COOLER: cooler master hyper 103
MOBO: A78 MSI A78M-E35
HDD: hdd sata3 toshiba 1tb 7200
RAM: 2x4gb 1600 mhz crucial
CASE: cooler matster n200
PSU: 530W Thermaltake Smart SE SPS-530M
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 270 Gigabyte OC 2GB GDDR5
CASE COOLER: cooler master bc red 120mm x 2( i want those for looks :D)
533 eur total i can add something or change to be 550 eur do you got any idea or is it ok build?

I'd see if you can use the money you're spending upon those fans on a better GPU.
If you can grab a 280 or 270X instead, go for it. You'd see a lot more of an improvement doing that rather than getting fans.


I concur with space cat. The FM2+ chipset supports PCIE 3.0 but AM3+ doesn't. Maybe not a big deal but it bothers the eva living shit outa me! IDK what the deal is in Serbia but in the States AMD can usually be had on the cheap, esp on the FM2+ platform. I would just make sure the chipset supports the latest stuff like sata3 and ddr3 and pcie3. If you just wanna game you could always go the junkyard route and sink all your euros or drakma or whateva currency into graphx card instead.

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Tbh, PCIE 3.0 doesn't really matter in this case. The OP said gaming only with no OCing, and there's no tangible difference between PCIE 2 and 3.0 as far as gaming goes. The actual wiring of the lanes, x16 vs x4, for example, matter way more. That being said, the OP can get that Athlon cheaper than some of the FX chips, so go for it.

I would recommend getting a SSD if at all affordable. With literally any build for any user, I suggest prioritising at least a small SSD for OS and utility programs because the difference is so, so much.

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Wasnt here for 2 days had to study. r7 280 cost aloooot,no way to put it aniways here is final,i decided i want to oc :
RAM: x2
Tell me is it ok build,will i able to oc cpu and gpu?Im newbie in these things,dont even know how to oc,im gonna use some tutorial on youtube :D just tell me if its gonna work?

I'm putting a list together for you. What peripherals do you have? What kind of speaker connection (fiber optic, 3 cord analog, HDMI, etc)? What kind of monitor connection?

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Also, are you willing and able to dish out a bit more for a FX chip and motherboard? If yes, I can refer 2 parts and call it a day. If not, I'll keep looking for the best mobo solution for that athlon

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Nevermind, after re-reading which thread this is, that question is answered XD

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This build is 635 US dollars with 15 dollars in promo discounts and 50 dollars in mail in rebates (if you want to go through with that hassle...) bringing the total cost down to 573. I'm not sure how that will work out with currency exchanges. If you can't make that... well, honestly I'd say wait longer till you could afford so. But if not that, you can cut out a thing or two.

This build has a 128GB SSD for your OS and utility programs like web browsing and such and a 1TB HDD for media. I always say prioritise having an SSD because it's a night and day difference in your OS.

The GPU isn't the best, but for a budget build you're not going to get much better than the 3GB R9 280.

The PSU is modular, you'll be thankful when dealing with a tiny case. It is Bronze certified as well.

As far as overclocking and other things like surround sound hookups, you don't have much room in this price range. You MAY be able to overclock a little, especially with a Be Quiet! cooler. The Mobo is the limit here. I think you can get the CPU to 4.0 no problem though. You said "no need for OS" so I'm assuming you already have that covered?

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**This cpu will suffice >
**Dont worry about a cpu cooler at this stage, grab one later if you like.
**This hdd instead of the Toshiba>
**8gb of that ram you linked will be fine.
**case is fine
**this gpu as a minimum > - even if you have to save up a bit more cash.
**that psu although not the greatest thing, will do the job.

To those linking US parts lists, seriously OP is in Serbia....

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