First time building a pc, would love comment's on my parts list before I buy

Hey all!

This is my first post on here and I am about to build my first ever pc! Before I bought my parts though, I'd like some feedback and see if there is anything I should change to my build. Any help or feedback is much appreciated. A link is added down below of my parts list.





What is your budget?

Also, that power supply seems quite overkill for what you have.. Are planning on getting more video cards in the future?

Looks pretty sweet to me - my only real change I would make is the graphics card. I have a Asus Strix GTX980 and love it to bits :) so if you are going down the GTX980 route I personally recommend it.

Also EVGA blows in my opinion - the last time I used them was a 7600GT to give you an understanding of how long it has been since they lost my interest as a card manufacturer.

However the other form of the GTX980 I can recommend is the Gigabyte G1 Gaming - also very nice :)

On a side note - what are planning on using the computer for with 1000w PSU? 650w would be more than enough to run it unless you are planning SLi in the future :)


@Tasmania I'm getting a 1000W power supply so I never have to upgrade or worry about having too little power if that makes sense.


@Jeghost-I only picked the EVGA cause that is the brand I see everywhere so I assumed it is well made. What is the difference between the EVGA and ASUS.

Actually I'd advocate EVGA more. Their ACX cooler is extremely efficient and if there was a company to not trust it would be ASUS. You can probably take this with a grain of salt because my memory is shotty and I couldn't find a source just now but I remember reading a few articles demonstrating that the way the heatsink was positioned on their DirectCUII GPUs was inefficient and caused a lot of problems. I'm not sure if they've fixed that but I wouldn't be surprised if they have. 

After all is said and done though it's just a matter or preference :)

Also my budget is 2k, I forgot to mention it.

You won't have to worry about too little power with even a 750w or 850w and it may save you a lot of money. In the end it's your decision but there may be other places you could put that money.

As for EVGA, they are very well made. I personally would definitely recommend the EVGA over the ASUS but it's mostly of preference. The difference is the cooler on the card and sometimes the overclock is different. There was once I remember when Logan said "If you see an EVGA card on sale, buy it. Buy it now!"

What would you say about the MSI GTX980 Twin Frozr? I'm worried with these normal 980s only having one fan


The MSI is okay too, but I still recommend the EVGA over anything.

Also, what do you think about this:

Smaller power supply thats $100 cheaper and thus a better i7 processor. 

I have that exact power supply and it is very good, plenty of amps on the 12v rail and such. You won't have to worry about too little power with this unless you did 3 980s in SLI, which in my opinion would be silly.

EDIT: Changed the permalink because I put the wrong processor accidentally. This processor is EVEN better and it's cheaper in the long run. 

Here's updated, added a z97 motherboard because why not? Still cheaper than your first build.


At $2000, you could get a much more powerful system.  I'll point out some things I don't like in your current build:

Z87 board.  A UEFI update may be needed.  A Z97 board will be guaranteed to work right off the bat.

Overpriced memory...

Expensive SSD for the quality and performance of it.

Full tower not needed with an ATX chassis.  Full tower is for those who want to run 4 way SLI/Crossfire, and perhaps custom watercooling.

Completely overkill on the power supply.  GTX 980s are not power hungry at all.  If you had four GTX 980s, everything would fit under 850w for sure.

USB 2.0 wifi adapter.  I have found USB adapters to be quite poor performing.

Also, what will you be doing with this computer?

will you be overclocking?

will you be upgrading in the future?

So what do you suggest I upgrade? and it will be for primarily gaming and also for computer science. I just heard usb wifi adapters are fine.

Would you +1 My most up to date suggestion for him?

What about this? Better SSD, not overkill PSU, better processor/mobo.

THIS is what I have updated it too.

So a budget of $2,000 for gaming and CS.  I assume you are interested in overclocking since pretty much all the builds here will allow you to do so.

I'm not sure if you care about the looks, so this build is focused on performance and isn't really color matched.  Case also doesn't have a window, but none of the ones I checked on here do.

^^^^ this is good ^^^ nice build Sensei  ... I see no room for improvement  

except for $20 get 1866Mhz CL 9 ram ... not a huge difference ... but it is better

G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1866 CL9 Memory

Can you explain why it would be better to run two 970s versus a 980 and the other changes you did? I'm not meaning to sound sarcastic, just genuinely interested. I'm just very new to building pc's

Well, you'll be able to get performance that massively surpasses a single GTX 980 for games that take advantage of SLI.  Normally one wouldn't go for multiple GPUs unless you can afford multiples of the strongest GPUs out there.  I couldn't fit two GTX 980s in the budget, but GTX 970s are pretty high end cards and would perform really great, even at resolutions like 2560x1440.