First Time building a gaming PC

Been wanting to build my first PC but don't have much idea and pretty much copy pasted the "great" bar from Following that I made this Will just follow guidelines since don't have much idea. I have tons to learn.

Budget: Maximum around 700$ for the hardware not including the OS and peripherals. Less is better.

From Puerto Rico which uses USD.

Don't have a preference in retailer but there is a local Tigerdirect, though a friend has Newegg Premier so most of my purchases will be thought him, leaving Tigerdirect for peripherals.

Have no peripherals, Only thing I have is a an HP w1907 monitor which is 1440p but much more likely I will be using a 720p TV.

I will using it for gaming.

Being my first PC and it sounding intimidating, I won't be overclocking, won't be watercooling.

Don't have an OS and not sure on how to pick. I know it has to be 64bit but not sure if I should wait for Windows 10, get Windows 8.1 and also buy the start menu program Logan uses or get Windows 7. Also don't know the difference between EOM and retail licenses.

For setting, I want to play as high as it will let me while staying at 60FPS. If I keep Nvidia GPU might just let Nvidia Experience do settings at first then just tweak from there.

The resolution I play will depend on the game. If it can be played with a controller I will be using the 720p TV but if not it will be on a 1440p monitor. I don't know if I care about resolution since always played 720p on Xbox 360.

Some games on my wishlist are Metro, Amnesia, GTA IV and V, Just Cause 2, Valve's games, Wolfenstien, Shadow of Mordor. But what I will be playing the most will be modded Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

The case has to be HAF 912 since my friend gave me one. Bit more interested in Intel and Nvidia but not a requirement.

You can to less on your wattage unless you plan on adding another video card later on and you really dont need the custom cpu cooler if your going to overclock. The stock cpu cooler will do the job but barely.

I changed the vid card to an AMD R9 285 because it performs a bit better than the 760 and the cpu I changed to the lowest i5.

Maybe one of the AMD 8-cores rather than the low end i5?


To nightfire, When asking advice, I was told GTX 760 needs a minimum 500 watt PSU.

Also I will be aiming for 60 fps 1080p since I was to broad with my resolutions on OP.

Got this now.

Upgraded to i5, using default CPU fan, using AMD card. Advice?

Rock solid choices. If anything, considering an SSD as a boot drive would make Windows a fair bit snappier for around 60-90USD more. My Kingston SSDNow has been pretty solid for me in the year I've used it. The 760 and 280X seem close enough in terms of performance (and price) so it comes down to personal preference (or in your case who you ask) which one you end up using. Everything else looks totally fine for maxed 720p, high/ultra 1080p or medium/high 1440p gaming. Now all you have to do is build it. Have fun and good luck.

290 is worth +30$

Your other respondents here are quite right with their points. 

I also suggest the 290, and a different CPU: I'm partial to AMD, so since you're looking to stay low cost, I'd suggest an A8 (quad core, 'bout $100) or an FX quad core (a little more expensive, but you can keep your board if you want to go beyond what an A10 will do). 

I haven't personally gotten a boot SSD but everything I read suggests pretty clearly that it's one of the best choices you can make right now.

And lastly, your username is quite nice.

well that "lowend" i5, will be faster then a FX 8 core in gaming.

So i would definitely vote for a locked i5 over any FX for gaming.

This is what i came up with.

option 1:

I think this will be a great budget build for gaming.

If you could stretch your budget a littlebit, then i would recommend to change the gpu to a R9-290. and use your 1440p monitor.

option 2:

To go inside your HAF case >>

- sacrificed the gpu a little to accommodate a decent ssd for which is pretty much essential these days.

in my opinnion sacreficing on GPU power, to get an SSD for a gaming rig. is not the best investment to be honnest. ☺

SSD can easaly boaght on a later moment, In my opinnion its better to invest in the essentional parts first. Because other then faster loading times, the SSd does not offer me very much extra´s.

But offcourse thats my opinnion ☺

here is one link

I would agree option 2 is a good option but as far as option 1 goes I would not suggest a gtx 960 under any circumstance as it can easily be beaten by a r9 280 which also has more vram, also the i5 4690 is that price without any rebate. Would also like to add I cannot suggest any Nvidia products at this time after the stunt they pulled with the 970 I don't trust them.

ugh i didnt seen the date of this thread, because somebody has kicked up a necro thread.

I will put a lock on it, if the op still wants advice on a build for him, he can contact me due pm, and then i will unlock this thread.

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