First time Builder needing some help

Hey guys, I've been buying parts for my own pc build for a little over 4 months, and the last of the parts will be arriving sometime today (A nice Asus Wireless card and a variety of anti static tools.)


I was just out on the wooden deck (on a wooden table) Unboxing my Phantom 410 case when i was taking off the plastic i got a static shock. This has me worried, i am not sure if this is natural when taking that plastic off or what but i am worried if the static will still be in there.


Can anyone tell me if it should be right to go for tonight? cause as far as i had heard / read the case itself (The metal part) is suppose to be your ground.

Bump cause i really need to know.

The case packaging has plenty of static.  Don't worry.  Just remove the case out of the packaging and don't work on carpet.

If you want to take more precautions, here's what you can do.

Install your power supply unit, but leave one of the screws slightly loose.  If you have a anti-static wrist strap, attach the alligator clip to the screw.  Plug in the PSU to the wall, but ensure you don't turn on the switch.

Then wear the anti-static wrist strap somewhere where it touches your skin.  Your ankle or wrist works perfectly.

I've installed a CPU cooler while standing in a carpeted room before, just keeping contact to my mid tower case.  Nothing went wrong.

Tyvm :) In the equipment i have coming today i have some anti static tools with a strap included, So i'll see if i can do what you said but i just want everything to go perfectly ^.^