First time builder needing help with his build

Hi everybody,

im looking into a building a gaming rig ti get me off my xbox 360 and play some good PC games. I've been looking at some parts for a time now and am wondering what you guys think of my component so far. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Impignorate,

What exactly do you want to do with your PC. Do you just want to play games or would you like to make some editing stuff too? If it's only for gaming, the rig ist just fine and would play any game on ultra (AFAIK). As far as I know Far Cry 3 is one of the most demanding games right now, and the recommended specs are with the gtx680, but 670 is more than enough! Maybe you should go for more powerful power supply. It is enough, but in case of upgrading later it would be really useful. And another thing: the most important thing of a gaming PC ist the Graphics Card, so try to get the 680, I think it's only a few dollars more. But it's really good all in all. Good luck!


With best regards,


David Al

A bit more powerful Powersupply. Any more questions you have I will be happy to answer.

Hi thanks for you reply, im planning on playing games at a good resolution and frame rate. Later on when i get enought money im planning on upgrading to a second 670 so i will need a larger psu. would you think a 850W psu would be enought?  

is there any advantage with using 80 PLUS Gold compared to silver or bronze?

A gold certification just  means the efficiency, say your system pulls 450watts  at the outlet with a bronze PSU. IF you were to change it to a similar watt PSU gold rate it would only pull lets say 420watts, it uses the power more efficiently. Now gold does not mean a 450watt psu can deliver more power, it delivers as much as a similar quality bronze, it's just more efficient.