First time builder, need help with components

Hey everyone,

I am currently attempting to build a gaming pc for recording and gaming. I have a tight budget and going over seven hundred and fifty euro is a no go at this moment in time for me. I already have some components here and need some help finding other components such as power supply, dvd drive, card reader and possibly a heatsink.

Here are a list of the components: 

CPU: Intel core i5 3570k (                                                                                                                                                 

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V Lx S1155 Intel Z77 DD3 ATX (

Ram: 8GB Black Mamba DDR3 Memory

Case: (Not Decided)

Hard  Drive: (Not Decided, but 1TB is preferred)

DVD Drive: (Not Decided)

Card Reader: (Not Decided)

Graphics Card: Asus ATI Radeon HD 6670 2GB PCI: Express

Power Supply: (Not Decided)


Any of the components that say not decided, please advise one thats good value for money. The CPU, Motherboard and Ram are part of a packageon dabs. You can advise a heatsink if you wont but I wont be doing any overclocking as I am very new to building computers, overclocking and computer terms. Also, if you are looking a site were components can be bought, try look for sites with free shipping to the Republic of Ireland. 


(P.S if anythings missing please add it in)


Power supply: Go with a 600-700w fx. This One

And now that you're on a budget I'd say go with This motherboard it's cheaper and as good (maybe better)

And then you can have the money for a better graphics card. Because that graphics card you've got there.. kinda.. sucks or is a little out of date :)

Go with this Graphics card: This card rocks. And if you're fast youll get 3 free games with it ;) I'd say atleast this card, unless you're gonna upgrade the next 5 months or so :)

When you're on a budget, there's no reason to get a card reader unless you need it.

HDD and DVD reader.. There's a million of those out there. I just recommend Asus DVD reader and Western Digital or Seagate HDD.

...Hope that wasn't too much to swallow but good luck  :)

Thanks for the help.

I agree with CactusCow on the PSU as Seasonic makes some of the best power supplies out there. Since you are getting a package deal with your board it would be kind of hard to start changing that out I suspect. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with your board of choice. Perhaps later you can update you GPU when you have a little more cash. I personally like Cooler Master Cases so this one here should not break the bank.

For gaming without a SSD I would go for this HDD.

Card readers are pretty cheap and nasty as the saying goes and if you don’t need it right now then skip it. Just use a USB cable for now. Hope this has been of some help and enjoy your build.