First Time Builder Mini ITX Help!

Hai, I am a first time builder and I really want a small form factor machine that I can take to LAN parties, and I have a very small desk. So I have been considering mini-ITX and so I asked a freind who has experience with PC building and programming. I asked him if it was ok to have a ITX rig as a main rig and he said no because you need more PCI slots so if you want to put in something. Is this true because I'm confused and I need help, Tek Syndicate your my only hope!

He's right to an extent. If you want to put extra stuff in your system you are limited to that ONE PCI-e Slot. which is obviously going to be taken by the GPU. HOWEVER if you're strictly a gamer chances are you aren't going to use the rest of the PCi-E slots on a mATX or ATX board anyways. most of the stuff you add on to other PCi-E slots is stuff you are probably not going to need (At least if you are new to the PC platform). you're not going to need a Wi-Fi Adapter (All ITX Boards come with Wi-Fi) we do advise against a sound-card. and you aren't going to add a PCi-E SSD (Depending on your Motherboard of course) some of them have an M.2 Slot for this. so yeah he's right. but the better question is do you see yourself using more than one PCi-e Slot?

How ITX do you want to go, what's your budget, are you reusing parts, do you need a mouse/keyboard/audio?

I really don't, I am mainly using this for gaming and school and programming im not much of a storage space user so I think a 512GB ssd and a 2Tb HDD will do me just fine.

Soory that reply was to the wrong person =p Mu budget is 2k and i allready have a mouse and keyboard i really want to use the evga hadron and i am using motherboard audio

Oh god im stupid its 2am were im at right now and just plz forget the first sentence :/

This will be the absolute best you can get at 2K. This is an absolute monster in an ITX form-factor.

US? Why don't you just get a higher end laptop? By audio I meant headphones Hadrons almost mATX tier man, do you already have it or something?