First Time Build


For the past year I've wanted to build a PC, and this Christmas is coming so I'm hoping to get all my parts then.  The only thing is I'm worried about running the computer for the first time.  How long does the Bios take to configure or whatever? Any response would be greatly appreciated.

Hell, for my computer, all I needed to do was set the boot drive and everything worked.

CPU: i5 3570K


RAM: Kingston HyperX Black 2x4GB DDR3-1600

Case: FD Node 304

HDD: WD Blue 1TB 7200rpm


Yes, the BIOS is usually set up correctly already.  Even the boot order can't mess you up in the beginning because it will find the DVD or USB stick in any case.

There are many things to learn before and after you put the PC together, and I would start by reading over "how to build a PC" guides from the better online magazines, even though the guides are old.