First time build

Hello all, first i'll start with sharing my love for this place and all the information I can find here.


Cut to the point, I'm 17 in April, saving my money and going to be building (hopefully) my first pc, Later on when I figure out my budget I will post asking for advice on a build, currently I am wondering If it's just worth upgrading what I have at the moment.

If you all could, please provide anything I can upgrade on my system that would help out with general gaming ;D


-Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU - 870 @ 2.93Ghz

- ECS H55H-CM motherboard

-DDR3 ram, x16gb (No idea on the brand, It'll be cheap crap that came with the computer, If it helps cpuz lists NB frequency at 2400MHz and DRAM frequency at 666.7MHz

--NVIDIA GeForce GT220 (Old as all hell, this computer was on flexirent and I was unable to change any parts as I was unsure if we were going to give it back or not- It's now totally mine and I can do whatever I want with it now)


It is okay. the CPU is about the same as an fx 6300. So if you get a decent video card you should be able to play any game. Hell you could probably bf3 on low low at 30fps. 

Just pick up a 7770-7870 depending on your price range and it'd be pretty cheap and max games easily. Your CPU isn't worth upgrading. I still have an i7 920 and if you've ever looked at the clock for clock performance 1st gen i7's walk on sandy/ivy so if you get them decently overclocked they are still champs.

Cheers for the info, anything else I can maybe upgrade that'll be help, such as the ram or maybe even the motherboard? or will just the Graphics card work a charm?

Also, can anyone provide me with some arguements on AMD or Nvidia GPUs, Looking on spending ~300 possibly, cheers!

It depends what you want from a GPU. If you are editing videos and rendering them in Adobe CS, then the nVidia will be a lot faster. However, for the same money (probably less!) as a 670, you should be able to get a 7970 which runs most games a bit better.