First time build seeking suggestions (purely gaming pc)

Okay so I've been researching parts and such to build a new gaming PC, I don't know if this is a good setup for around 800 U.S. dollars. I'm looking for the 700-800 price range right now (not including peripherals). All critiques and suggestions are welcomed. As i said before i'm fresh out of the oven on this one.I'm just starting to get into PC gaming and I've stayed away from my consoles for about a year or two now and i'm thinking of selling them for the peripherals. If I could say anything about the power I want out of the PC, anything that can run Battlefield 4 on high settings at 60 fps seems good. If there are any better benchmarks for this kind of computer around that range you know feel free to tell me about them. Anything that can get me the best for my money here would be greatly appreciated. Here is what i have so far.

cpu- fx 6300

gpu - MSi Tv 4g gtx 970

RAM - g skill ripjaw 8GB 1600

MOBO - asus m5a97

SSHD - Seagate 500gb

Case -  Cooler Master HAF 912

Dvd - Asus

PSU- Corsair cx600m

This is a bit over budget, but if you can deal with the overage, it's entirely worth it. If it's too far over budget, you can do a couple of things to help reduce the cost. You can forgo the hyper 212 evo and use the HSF that comes with the FX 8320E. The GPU can be dropped down a notch and replaced by a R9 290. Or you can even go back to your original CPU choice...the FX 6300. I figured the few extra bucks would be worth it for an 8 core.

Either way, you're going to have one hell of a PC for $800. If you have anymore questions, let me know.

Okay thanks, that actually sounds much better than my original plan and the r9 290x runs practically the same as the original gpu. On a side note since i'm guessing this will effect the psu, what would you recommend, and I noticed not many people use the sshd, would an hdd be better?

On a side note since i'm guessing this will effect the psu, what would you recommend

For my build, I recommend at least a 600w PSU. The Corsair unit you chose or the EVGA unit in my parts list will work just fine. If you can afford to step up the PSU to a 650w or 750w unit, that would give a little more wiggle room for overclocking and such.

I noticed not many people use the sshd, would an hdd be better?

I wouldn't bother with the SSHD. A traditional HDD is cheaper and works just fine. If you want to, you can add a SSD to your build later down the road. This will help speed things up and make your OS more responsive. It isn't necessary. It's more of a luxury item, but they are definitely worth the money.

if you look at my profile my primary pc was just built little under 800 with a 240 gig ssd with 2tb mech hdd .

all off newegg

wait forgot i added another 8gigs ddr3 1600 ram so add about 55 to 65 more to that

Alright this will definitely save me some money thanks so much for the help!