First time build(Please Advise)

Hello everyone,

I'm finally in the position to build my own PC. I'm just not to sure about some of the parts that come along with building the PC. The hardware part of a PC is something I am not to familiar with. I have made up 2 builds. If anyone could please advise me on them that would be great. My budget I'm looking to spend is somewhere <1500. I will be playing games such as BF4, FFXIV, Elder Scrolls Online, and others that roll around the corner. I will add the links from PCpartpickers below. Please don't spam this with omg what are you doing. Like I said when it comes to the parts I'm pretty new to the whole thing.  Thank you all in advance for the help! 

(This is the case I would like to use but i could not find on partpicker NZXT Phantom Enthusiast Full Tower ATX Chassis - White Exterior / Red Trim)( Mostly looking for a nice red/white case.)

Thank you for your time and advice it is all very much needed and appreciated.

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1. Don't go for socket 2011 just to get a 3820 paired with a gtx 670.

2. Don't go for Ivy Bridge when Haswell is out for quite a while.

Also I don't understand your judgement. You grab the non-k i5 and an expensive case with good airflow. Since you won't overclock you can go fine with a cheap case and invest that extra money in a better graphics card than the 760. Also, 850w PSU is way too much in the second build, unless you plan a SLI or Crossfire config.

Bottom line. Get something like a 4570 k (or without k if you wont overclock) or 8350 paired with a 770 or 7970 or better perhaps. That processor alone is far from bottlenecking the video cards I mentioned and going for socket 2011 just to add a medium-high range GPU is wasted money. Since updated with a i5-4750 3.2GHz 1150 84W


The case was something I just tossed in but it will most likely be a full tower just to take advantage of that air flow and possible upgrades to the PC.

Okay, where do I start....

You say you want a sub $1500 build, but you're showing sub $1200 builds. Are you saving money for a monitor and peripherals or is this just something you threw together?

You don't have any storage showing in any of your builds. Do you already have hard drives or was this a mistake?

Is there any reason you are including a Blu ray burner? If you want to view blu-rays, you can save about $40 by switching to a BR reader. Unless you are burning 1080p home movies or something, I don't see the point.

If you want a $1500 beast machine with high airflow, it should look something like this

This will out-perform a titan in most games at 1080p. Consider this an example. This should give you a better idea of what you should be looking for in that price range.

This build is a little less than life's build, but has a higher end SSD and a 770 instead of two 760's.

This was more about me tossing somethings together. I really wasn't sure on the things I was looking for. I had friends that have built computers but they have been overly busy and unable to help.

The sub 1200 was giving me some room to play with screens and other accessories. I do have what i need for those items but I will be looking to change some of them out for this build. The blue-ray burner is not something that I would need. Just a drive to DL from for the most part.

Now with the build that you linked(very much appreciated btw) The dual video cards is that something that you highly recommend or is this just to get the best out of the 1500? 

Thank you very much for you time and advice this is all helping me so much!

Can you link that build please?


I'll be adding another option soon.

Here's the new build, mass storage with some peripherals.

I hear that those Radeon 7950's are loud and can be glitchy?  But I really like where that build ended up. Price seemed very nice. Also no extra fans or just not needed?

I was basically going for the best that I could get. The 7950's he has linked are pretty quiet for what they are. The 7950 has more overclocking potential than the 760 and can reach the midpoint between the 760 and the 770 quite easily, but will generate more heat. This is where the noise comes in.

If you won't be using Blurays in this computer, that could save you another 30 bucks on the drive. If can, omit it completely. The only reason I still have my cd drive is that I still buy cd's (i know, crazy) and I burn movies and whatnot for others.

If you want to keep the tower around 1200 and choose your own peripherals, you could downgrade the graphics to a 770 or a 7970 and get rid of the Dark Knight and stick with a stock cooler, since you're not overclocking.

Also, I know I put the Caviar Blue drive in there, but if you want a higher quality drive, go with the Caviar Black. Hope this all helps.

Yes it helps A LOT! Getting very close to what I'm looking for! You guys have been amazing!

Couple last questions I would have are the 760 build that you gave me. If I replace that a 770 remove that Blueray burner. I.E. This   Would this still be ok?

Because I really like how that AMD Build went with the Monitor Keyboard and mouse. Those are things I would want to get anyways, and if I can get all it for under 1500. That's golden. Just concerned on how legit AMD builds are for gaming.

AMD is great for gaming. If you want something for just gaming, AMD is a very viable option. If you stick with a FX-8350 CPU and a high quality motherboard, you're golden. AMD only lacks when it comes to video editing and rendering. For gaming, they are at par, or in some cases better, than intel. Plus you can save yourself some money in the CPU and can put it elsewhere

Here's an example

Of course the mouse and keyboard are subjective. I personally don't know what sort of feel you like for your keyboard or what mouse would suit your grip. Give yourself a budget, go to your closest brick and mortar computer store, and see if they have any of these on display so you can try before you buy. If that's not an option, ask around the forums based on your grip type and budget. People have a tendency to jump outside of budgets and try to justify it, but you are far from being limited by yours.

Good luck!

This what I would build with your current budget:

Intel Build:

You can the non-k version of the i5 but I would spend the extra money because overclocking is very easy and free past the upfront cost. I was clueless as hell about overclocking and honestly I probably still am but my 8350 is running at 4.8GHZ so if I can do it so can you :D. I put a H100i in there which you don't have to get if you really don't want to overclock or don't want to overclock right away. Haswell gets hot fast when overclocking so that will be more than enough to keep it cool. There are plenty of air coolers that can compete with it and are a little cheaper but when you factor in you have to buy some case fans the price gets closer. I have my H100i mounted in the top so it doubles as my top exhaust fans.

I chose the Motherboard because it's part of the Micro Center CPU/Motherboard combo deals. It's a good board and when you factor in the savings it's an amazing board.

Memory: Just your typical G.Skill snipers that most people recommend. 1866 and CL9 is nice when they are priced the same as 1600 memory.

Storage: Samsung 840 series. The Evo SSDs just came out so the 840 series just dropped in price. Also through in a 2TB Seagate for games you don't play often and whatever else you want to put on it.

Graphics Card. Sapphire 7970. It's good and yay free games.There are other 7970s that are cheaper and probably just as good. I like my Sapphire 7950 and I have a friend that runs the 7970. No complaints.

Case: Whatever you like honestly but don't spend like 150 bucks or more on it when you can get good cases for well under a 100. The Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 has been on sale for quite some time now. It's a great case at the usual 100 or so dollars its supposed to be at. 70 bucks is a steal. It comes with 3 fans and they are actually good fans you don't have to throw away. It's mostly metal and very sturdy with tons of air flow.

Power Supply: Seasonic 750w semi-modular. It's on sale for 75 bucks at NCIX. No mail in rebates or anything just upfront savings. Seasonic makes amazing power supplies.750w is more than you need but other power supplies that are cheaper have mail in rebates.

With the extra money you saved you can go grab one of those X-Star 1440p Korean monitors and go nuts.

This is my computer. I built it a few months ago before the 7000 series graphics cards dropped in price T_T.

AMD Build:

I personally would go for the Intel build though. I am probably going to make a 4770k Build next year. Oh and obviously I must be bored as hell to type all this crap out. Good Luck.


Yes you may be bored but you did give me some helpful advice that I thank you for. I like the price point that this is coming with. I'm going to compare this to the other builds that I have been thinking about. Since this build is cheaper then the other ones that I have. Thanks a lot for you time.