First time build attempt: streaming and gaming advice needed!

So I decided to bite the bucket and start designing my own pc from the ground up. Looking for advice and feedback.

I will be using the pc for primarily gaming and streaming. I eventually I want to add an additional 980ti for 4k graphics.


I decided to go with an x99 board for the extra cores/power. It only cost about $100 more (including quad channel ram) in comparison to sky lake builds so I figured why not.

I'm not 100% sold on the mother board. Any feed back would be great. I choose the msi x99 gaming for the built in streaming card, killer lan, and preset over clock and bios (as this is my first pc I know nothing about over clocking except I want to over clock to at least 4-4.5 ghz if possible).

Thanks for your help!

you may want to get a capture card if youre going to stream a lot. im no expert though so take it with a grain of salt.

I believe the x99 gaming as something built in.
I will not be streaming counsle

ok it looks good to me

Would there be a better GPU for my build to run games at 1080p? The 980ti might be overkill (sli or single)?

Whether it's over kill or not will depend on the games you're playing. If you're going to be playing a lot of AAA games and want high/ultra graphics it'll be fine. You could get medium settings in a decent amount of games as well at 4K. You could go with 2 970's in SLI, which is cheaper, but SLI scaling can also be pretty atrocious at times. You're build in its current form is really solid and can definitely run most games at high on a 1080p monitor and stream at the same time, so stick with it if you have the budget for it.

Do you already have a 4k display?

I do not have a 4k screen. In hindsight, I probably will never go 4k gaming. Biggest monitor I'd go is 27' with 144 refresh rate.