First time build and budget

First time building a desktop and i wanted to go with a budget of around $600 and the games i'll be playing isn't too demanding i think; LoL, witcher 2, vindictus, GW2, SC2.

I don't plan on making this future proof, just enough for a year of gaming or so then giving it away to a family member for normal pc usage.

So hopefully with this i'll be able to play those games with this set up and any suggestions on anything is greatly appreciated.

Below is the parts and links.

thank you for reading. 


CPU: i3 2100 sandy bridge 1155 $120

GPU: sapphire radeon 6850 $135

MOBO: asrock b75m-gl 1155 $60

RAM: g skill ripjaw 4gb x 2 $38

HD: wd black 7200rpm 500gb $95

PSU: corsair builder series cx500 v2 500W $60

CASE: corsair 300r $75









Hey since your motherboard is For DDR3 you dont have to spend $113 for Case and Ram....i found a case that includes 8GB DDR3 RAM IT GOES FOR $70 

Thanks for the reply. I only went with that case cause i heard of good reviews and corsair products being highly recommended. 

Though its always good to save abit more when i can. Thank you. 

At this price point I would definitely go the AMD route and grab yourself something like the FX-6100. It's not a duel core and it's fairly overclockable. It is a little bit more money then the i3 you have chosen but that is fine because you can also save on the moterboard since you are going AMD, if you go AMD.

Thanks for the input. I thought about going amd but i always liked having an intel.. can't really have a good reason other than it's like a pet peeve or something, like a personal favorite. Though i do appreciate it. Thank you.

GPU comparison

that CPU is better as well

Thanks for all this info. Seems i still need to look further into parts and what not, definitely a big help. 

So far i kept the 6850 and made some adjustments bringing it to about 550, which is better than what i was aiming for. Thanks for all the help gents. 

I would go with the 7850 it way more powerful