First things to do with Dell XPS 15?

I just ordered my Dell XPS 15 knowing about all the issues people have been having with it as of late. I was wondering, from people who already have the laptop, what I should do when I first get it. Uninstall certain software? BIOS update? Certain driver updates? This is my first laptop, so I would like to have a pleasant experience with it. Thanks for the help!

  • Uninstall any un-necessary bloat that comes pre-installed with the laptop.
  • Update everything, windows, drivers, etc;
  • install all your programs and go for it. <- Use this for a quick start on this step. This website allows you to choose a variety of programs and get one installer that will do all the work for you. It also strips out bloat that a lot of these programs would otherwise come bundled with (bing task bar and such)
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Basically what thecaveman said with a few musts. I've owned one for a while now and you for sure need to upgrade the network driver otherwise you'll run into issues. Also, a BIOS update is needed to fix an issue with the laptop not sleeping from my experience. Finally, make sure to set your virtual memory right, and you'll enjoy the laptop a ton.

I never liked the idea of getting all my software from one website without a proper package manager, it seems like you're relying a lot on a commercialised group of a few people to keep the packages up to date and untampered with

Eh, ninite is pretty popular. Stuff gets updated all the time with their bots.