First rig in 8yrs

I've been out of the loop for some time now.I've been gaming on the PS3. I would like to be $1,100 or under. Geforce or radeon? Here is what I am thinking.

PS I already have Windows 7

Modified your build slightly.

You could get a 680, but purely for gaming I think the 7970 wins in price for performance.

A similar spec AMD option + a much better CPU cooler,

Some more info may help. This will be only for gaming maybe stream on twitch at some point. I use a Mac for my day to day. I will be playing at 1080p on a 32 inch LCD TV maybe bigger down the road. I play all types of games. Under 1k

Good build, only one fail, those crosair vengeance ramms, with high heat spreader dont fit in slot 1and 3 dual channel, if you gonne use that particular cpu cooler installed the right way.

chance those ramms to crosair vengeance 2x4GB with low heat spreader :)