First Real Gaming Build

So, this is my first real gaming build, i have always skimped a scrounged parts together for my pc's and have finally saved enough! so figured i would post and get some feedback and thoughts to this build gpu has been my main headache with so many reviews and models lol (current system only has a pny  gt 610 in it)

but here is my parts picker link would appreciate your ideas and thoughts


The CPU seems to be lacking, I'm sure it would be fine but seems weird to spend more than the CPU itself just to cool it. this is what id go with     

swapped out the SSD, 280 for the 285, the CPU for an 8 core without water cooling, also used diff mobo.

You need a better motherboard for that 8 core.

Eh, the R9 285 doesn't perform too much better than an R9 280, and is more expensive.

UD3P uses a digital 8+2 power delivery system, and therefore is much better suited for the 8320's high current draw.

Back down to a R9 280, for the reason stated above.

Cheaper case.  You really don't need a full ATX case.  Of course, this is personal preference.

Better quality power supply.  750w is also pretty overkill, and I would rather sell off the R9 280 and grab a high end GPU to replace it if OP were to upgrade.

Definitely understandable, was just trying to get the basics of what he already had and improve, from my understanding i thought overall the 285 did outperform the 280 at only 10$ more(including MIR).

Yeah, I believe the R9 285 is better at 1080p.  But in reality the difference is pretty small.

In a 700$ build, which is still a pretty tight budget to build a capable gaming machine, I really would not waste money on watercooling and an expensive case. The PSU is also a bit overkill with 850W.

Here's a different approach, pretty much in the same price range as your initial build, but more powerful. If you want to save a couple of bucks, you can still go back to the 280 or 285, but I went with an R9 290 and an intel CPU, no fancy cooling, high quality PSU and such. Enjoy!

Under $700 with pretty much the same specs.  Heck, under $700 not counting mail in rebates.

Yeah, cheaper mobo, stock cooler, cheaper PSU and case, simpler HDD. You can shave of some more dollars from my build. Stupid mail-in rebates. But I think we can agree that the i5 / R9 290 combo is going to kick some ass in that price range.

I find picking mobos in that range pretty hard. Over here in Europe the ASUS B85 Pro Gamer would be my goto part, but in the US that one is just sooo expensive for some reason.

dudeeeeeeee get some sence into urself i myself am building a pc and i can clearly how much ur wasting on useless things 

get i5 4690k

msi gaming 5 or z97 hd3

cx 650w corsair

itb hdd

r9 290 or r9 290x

gigabyte luxo x10

or define r4

or chaser a21

8 gb ram around 700 $

unless if there are specific features on the 285 you want go with a 280 or 280x. get 1gb more vram at about the same price and same performance

love ur build but get the 4690k

Literally makes no sense and is $50 more.

Good luck getting all of that under 700 bucks.