First Proxmox Install: Recordsize for Root Pool (OS Boot) and VM Storage Pool on all-SSD System


I’m getting ready to do my first Proxmox install this weekend.

What recordsize should I select during install for the ZFS RAID 1 root pool (OS boot pool/drive) and the VM store?

I’ll be booting off a pair of Sabrent 500GB PCIe 4.0 Rocket 4.0 NVMEs, and my VMs will be stored on a pair of Samsung 870 EVO 1TB. (Unless it makes more sense to swap those around; I’ve been going back and forth after reading articles and chatting here.)

My concern was that 350 GB (70 percent of the total NVME storage) might not be big enough for all my VMs, so I had planned to put the VMs on the NVMEs, but almost all the VMs with substantial storage needs will be storing data on a multi-TB TrueNAS instance via iSCSI.