First post, first build

This is going to be my first pc build that I build myself, other time I got it build by professional. Please help me config this to the best of my budget which is  1000 dollars. Also, Im in Canada.


Motherboard:  ASRock Z77 Extreme4 lga 1155 ( dont know much about motherboard) $179.99

CPU: i5 2500k $218 - i5 3570k $229.99

GPU: Powercolor AMD 7950 $329.99 - EVGA GTX 670 $399.99 - 560ti Twin Frozr III $279.99

Memory: Hyper X 8gb $42.99 - Mushkin 8gb ( 7 lat) $79.99 - G skill Rip Jaw X  $79.99

Hard Drive - Adata 128GB ssd  $119

Cooling: $ 34.99 CM 212+ ( dont know much about cooling )

Case: Phantom $119.99 or 410 $99.99

Powersupply:  Tt 80+ 630W $79.99 ( dont know much about power supply)

Total: 1053.95 or 1240.97 ( I can get this if I use my old monitor.)

Perhaps you can add links to some of the stuff so we can have a better look at them. Will 128GB be enough for all your data? I'd definatly recomend buying a 500gb or larger mechanical drive for storage you can still install your games and OS on the SSD for better performance. Get a PSU with 80plus certification and preferably modular cables so you don't clutter your case with unneeded cables. Also if you don't intend to overclock you can just use the stock cooler and put more money into your graphics card, you can always add a better cpu cooler later.