First post, first build. I'm a noob

Hi, I am looking to build a gaming pc and would like to have some feedback on what I have chosen.

I have a budget of $800


Cut da SSD! It does nothing besides faster bootups and loading up maps faster, and downloading games. Lol. But still not worth it!

Here's what I personally would do for better gaming performance; .

The color scheme would also look really cool hahahahaha, I kinda was goin for that a little.

Lol I do like that color scheme. So for a build would it be better to lean more towards a gpu rather than a cpu? Because I noticed the biggest change was upgrading the gpu and downgrading the cpu. Also would I have been bottlenecking the 8350 with that gpu.

dont get ssd just get a 1tb hd and ur good to go but if u have the money take both ssd and 1tb hd

I am planing on purchasing a 1tb hd down the road. 

SSD should be the down the road thing not a hard drive..