First possible build <$400

Well I have been wanting to build a computer for gaming. I really only currently play Runescape, cube world, minecraft, starcraft 2, I also play WoW off and on. I'm going to presume this will more then handle it because my current laptop handles all but cubeworld without lagg and startcraft will start to lagg when too many things start moving at one time.

Well now to start my questions. Will it work well togeather? Will I need a video card or will the one in the amd work? I don't mind playing games at lower quality. I can always add one later also. I don't mind spending more down the road but $350-$400 is my current budget. I don't really think I'll be doing much upgrading which is why I chose the a10 6800k. I'm not a hardcore gamer I just enjoy the games listed above.

If you have another build for the same price that will work well. Please post it and why you think its good/better then this one. Please remember I don't have huge plans for updating down the road. :p

I also already have a 23inch acer moniter I will be using.

Current laptop:

What I'm looking at:

Or what about this? I do know it still needs a video card(Idk whats good and whats not)


Then get the a10

Did you read my mind or did you see my build on the other guys forum post?

I put the exact a10 build on another dudes forum post a couple of days ago. lol.

Yeh especially the games you mentioned and if you wanna play some more graphically intensive games you can always add a GPU and possibly run it in crossfire with the integrated graphics depending on if it is any hassle (some people have had problems with crossfire and sli).

I seen that thread and their was soo many different builds on it :| I narrowed it down and I though id ask if the one I liked most would work for me and about the video card. I did change the board from hd3 to d3h. Has 2 more memory slots so if I wanted to add another 4 X2 later I could :p.

I'm not seeing the gpu on this list :|. 

Radeon HD 8670D

i got to options for you o tweeked the build to fit a gpu am3+ or  with this one i got you faster ram and an atx case with a micro atx mb so if you want to go with a smaller cass NP And the faster ram will more than make up for the speed diffrence betwen the 5800k and the 6800k

for your use i would go with the fm2 build and if you need more gpu power you can add a hd 6670 (~$50)gpu and crossfire for a big boost.

Hmmm both look good. The ram will really effect it that much on the fm2? I was also wanting to maybe do a lets play for cube world down the road I don't thing rendering will be much of an issue will it? Also am3 vs fm2 build I like the idea of the 6 core and dedicated card but would it be worth it because I could add a card to fm2 also later. The Skill Ripjaws is cheaper then the Corsair Vengence so would it with the 6800k be even better? Also case wise I'm not too worried about unless its like 3-4 feet tall lol. The area it's sitting is rather large and out of the way. I do like the look of the Zalman tho.

Get the 6300

Reasoing behind saying this please? :P 


Over budget, but much much more exapndable:

At the time of this post, the 7770GHz is selling for $40 off.

No optical drive in either build. I really would advise spending the extra $20-25 for much better platform, since that platform will handle any single high-tier GPU, when you decide to upgrade. APUs are a rather weak chip.

The over budget one may work. I could split it up and buy the parts some this friday and then rest in two weeks. Would I be needing a better gpu anytime soon tho? How good is that one? I don't really plan on playing too many high end games down the road. >_>. I may go with 6300 and dedicated card tho instaed of a10 5800 or 6800.

This one compared: <- Gigabyte board

To this: <- Asus board

Well, the FX6300 is a better CPU in comparison to the A10. And the A10 onboard graphics are probably the equivalent of a 7750. So it is a little better. You can swap out the GPU for any number of future GPUs. This will enable you to refresh and update your rig. The next line of APUs might run on an entirely new socket. It is rare that I recommend an APU setup, considering the alternatives.

The Athlon is the same as the A10, but without onboard graphics, and much cheaper. I know the PSU is overkill. 550W would run a GTX770. But, this would be your best sub-400 option, in my opinion.

the gigibyte board only supports 1333 ram and for an apu the faster the ram, the better the preformence. Going from 1600 to 1866 will net you about 10% better fps. Also in bench marks the the 6800 is only 2 fps beter than the 5800. " " The two cpu's are on the same architecture. The 6800k is just an overclocked 5800k.

Make sure to check what mb's can support ram at 1866 or higher for an apu system.

If you will upgrade in the future you could go with this

Then in a year or two you can get an 125w 8core and you can also use 2 gpu's in crossfire @8x,8x (which is fine for all cards except the dual gpu cards ie 7990 and 690. If you wanted to run 2 of those you would need 2 pci 16x slots both @ 16x, but thats on the extreme side of things) So with he Phenom II x4 you will be at about the same cpu power as the Apu but with the hd 7770 you will have much better gpu power than the A10 has. also you can upgrade your system to somthing quite nice in a year or two.

Well I'm pretty sure I have been swayed to a non apu system. These are the three I'm looking at - AMD Athlon II X4 750K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor - AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor - AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor

I have heard mixed feelings about msi board. But it also looks like the best steup for the money. I would like the fx 6300 tho. And what's the different between phenom and athlon?

The Phenom competes with the FX6300, and it is under budget. Good platform, better GPU than the onboard APU chip. I have to give it to the Phenom. No contest, if I am honest. Should have remembered that little chip.

I forgot I had this 300gb hhd laying around( ). Would it work with the Phenom setup above? I ask because it was made in 05. Would only be temp for a month or so. My check ended up being less then I thought. Trying to bring cost down alittle for the time being. I would still be getting a new 500gb-1tb.

Well after looking up specs on it idk lol 150mb/s compared to 6gb/s vs

Iv decided to go with this. ( ) because phenom looks to be sold out most places. I'll just split my buy into two paychecks.

this build is right at 400$ and will allow for a good graphics card to come in in the future if you want

If I were to do this I would go with this.

The board you had didn't support crossfire. This one also supports much fast ram which is good for apu setups. So I changed that and got a 100w less power supply to keep price right around the same.