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I've been using a HP Pavilion for about a year now and i think its time for an upgrade because of the noise and the slowness. for the build i was thinking about going the AMD route with an A8 7650K APU for a vertical monitor and side monitor, PSU would be a Corsair CX750M 750W, Samsung 840 evo ssd and WD blue 3tb, Fractal design define r4 ATX mid-tower, Sapphire R9 280x/290x or a 2gb GDDR5 EVGA GTX 960(for main monitor),but the one thing I've had trouble finding is a motherboard, CPU cooler and ram and was just wondering what would be good and if there is anything that i forgot

The specs you want are pretty much pointless. What's its usage and your budget?

gaming and school(everyday use) budget would be around 700-900

If you are going to be running an FM2+ build with discrete graphics, invest in the Athlon X4 860K. Just about any modern GPU that you invest in will have enough ports for displays to run three monitors off from, and the GPU-part of the APU will be rendered useless.

Here is a preliminary build, mess with as you wish:

If you plan on getting into overclocking, you may want to throw more money at the motherboard that is more made for it. Otherwise, throw down some more money for some Intel components.

thank you very much. This is my first build and i'm kind of a noob

700-900 of what?

$700-$900 Canadian which is a pain because things can be more expensive up here

Sorry @Calculatron but I need to dissagree with your cpu choice for this budget. If you go with an APU then you can crossfire the gpu's and get a good performance gain for the budget that has to be worked with. Check out a previous post of mine for the link to AMD's page on this.
AMD's Site is HERE in case you need it.

I really do belive that this will give you the best performance for the budget you have.

Also can I ask why a samsung ssd? Sorry to send you to another topic again but you can better ssd's cheaper than the samsungs so on your budget this might actually help you.

To answer you question on CPU cooler, RAM, and Mobo: I would go with 2x4 Gb sticks for the RAM, Brand doesn't matter as there isn't much that can wrong with RAM, also this will give you room to upgrade to 16GB when you need to. Go with water cooling if you can afford it, It's just a personal preference of mine and you can get better cpu temps out of water cooling than air cooling and it will keep which ever cpu you choose happier, also gives you headroom to overclock the cpu as amd chips are all unlocked. For the Mobo try an MSI A88XM-E35, Its just a suggestion for a good reliable board thats cheap and will do all you need.

Good luck and happy building. Let us all know how it goes.

the reason for behind the Samsung ssd is the fact that i can get it locally so that i wont have to pay for shipping,etc and i was thinking about putting my os on it, would a corsair or nzxt rad go good with this build?

ok well if the Samgsung ssd is cheaper then sure, but otherwise have a little think about what I wrote.

I was thinking an All-In-One cooler for this. The case you have supports 240mm radiators in the top so probably a corsair as the nzxt is a 280mm design. I hope this helps.

i was thinking either that of a nuctua

I'm not sure since I haven't been keeping up with it, but I remember hearing a while ago that the 2+TB drives are not as reliable as their smaller counterparts.

i could go with a 1 TB drive just as easily

For the cooler an AIO or Noctua are both good options. The Noctua may be slightly quieter right off the bat. Regarding the motherboard I suppose someone who uses AMD would be more knowledgeable.

Edit: i was just looking on the ncix website and found a 64GB adata which is cheaper and should be more that enough

AMD's Dual Graphics solution still has issues to iron out, and certainly is not meant for a $700-900 dollar build. Diminishing returns with the Dual Graphics options is quickly met at the $500 dollar, and and ramp up quickly after that. For the latest APU offerings from AMD, the best discrete GPU option that you can crossfire with is an R7 250, and, even with the Dual Graphics issues aside, it is easily overcome by other entry-level discrete solutions.

Here is a link to benchmarks that shows an A10-7850K utilizing Dual Graphics with a R7 250. In every case, the pairing is bested by an i5-4430 using an R7 260X, and sometimes it fails to beat the I5-4430 when it is just using an R7 250. As you'll read, at the time the article was written, the extra cost of the Intel build was ~$50 more. (The price drops of the APUs have little effect on the cost-benefit analysis)

So, with Azaral willing to throw the cash down for an R9 280X, which can not be crossfired with any integrated solutions, it would be silly to waste money on a true APU, where he will be spending money on a part that he does not intend to use.

Honestly, at this price point, he should probably start to consider an Intel build. However, the Athlon x4 860k will be fine for school and officework, and good for gaming - the R9 280X is about the limit for when that processor will start to bottleneck the GPU, with DirectX 11.

i would go with a locked haswell i5 like a 4590, + H97 mobo.
This cpu cannot overclock, but it still has better per core performance then anything AMD has to offer.

Next to that, if you could stretch the budget slightly for adding in a Sapphire 290 TriX then you will have a beast of a gaming setup.

If not then a 280X would offcourse not be a bad choice either.

SSD and CPU cooler can be added later on, is not needed to start with right away.

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these hdd's dont exist. 3tb - look to hitachi, wd greens/purples, seagates (although I'd avoid em personally).

Here is a budget build
i5,8gb,decent mb,290,ssd,1tb hdd, r4 case,psu

so at this point ill get rid of the apu all together and w with a 1TB and 64GB ssd of the os

for the SSD and HDD options... why settle?