First Pc parts help

Hey so I'm building a pc soon and I need some help with part selections. Its more complicated than a standard build because its based on my uncles old pc. I'll be using his case, ram, motherboard, optical drive, and case fans.

His parts (cannot be changed):

*Gigabyte GA-990FXA ATX AMD Motherboard

*Crucial ballistic sport 8GB DDR3-1333 (1 stick)

*old optical drive (won't use)

*old ATX case

*2-4 case fans installed

I plan to add a CPU, CPU cooler, storage, power supply, and OS. I need to know if this is the best upgrade I can do for about $850. I want to stick to NVidia graphics cards for NVidia shield down the road. I play a lot of shooters like battlefield and I need to know if this is a good machine to play them on.

upgrade parts:

*AMD FX 6350

*Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

*Kingston SSDNow V200 series 64GB

*Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB


*CoolMax 600W 80 PLUS Bronze

*Windows 8

I'm wondering about doing an FX 8350 instead of the FX 6350. I'm also considering an H55 water cooler but I don't know if that's to advanced for a starter build. Any suggestions are much appreciated, Thanks :) 

Fx 8350 fits the motherboard and the H55 is a closed loop so it sounds good.