First pc need some advice and opinions please!

any thoughts or comments on the system i am considering on building? please leave your second opinion, want some thoughts and advice.


cpu cooler:


(have an old mechanical lying around)



mother board:



Do you plan on doing heavy overclocks,or just a moderate one,and what do you plan on doing with this computer?

nothing to heavy, but defenitetely want to do something decent. It will mostly be used as a gaming computer, and also some everyday tasks such as emails and web surfing.


thanks  -Ryley-

I would go with 1866 memory instead of what you have there. otherwise, looks good


And what might your budget be?

thanks anarmypig :P will look into it. any brand suggestions?

im at about the 700-800 dollar mark.

about 700-800 dollars.

I went ahead and added an SSD for a boot drive.

thanks for the help man. i will acrually consider this. so can i just buy all these parts off this site?


Their sorted via price,there's many different sellers.

If you decide to buy something than click "Buy" and it'll redirect you to the seller's website.

alright thank you for the help. i just have one question, what is the advantage of the raedon over the evga?

FPS in different games,their both neck to neck with each other. Nvidia has CUDA cores which will help if you're using Adobe creative suite,otherwise, most games run better with Radeon.

sounds like what i am looking for. i will do some more research  i will probobly go with the raedon as it is more turned towards gaminh as yo say. i hope that i will have the money within a month or so. so thank you for the help.

Also will this computer be fairly fast?

thanks  -Ryley-