First PC game :) (except Minecraft)

Im downloading Far Cry 3 right noe this is my first FPS for PC :P

Enjoy. Your computer may struggle a bit to play it though....

It is a really good game though. Fun and a very good story. 

play starcraft 2 they really have low end support for pc.

well I have just an A6 iGPU so im just going to play on low settings @720p so yeah but im getting a R9 270 on Friday so ill be able to play at high settings on 720p right? I don't really care about the graphics I just want to play.


Low on 720p sounds about right. 

Yeah you should be fine. Prob even high at 1080p or 1080p with most things on high and AA turned down. 

yeah I just got it now so I have something to play when I do get my R9 270, but i also want those shadders for minecraft you know the HD photo realistic ones lol on my A6 alone its not playable lol but its actually smooth like even though its only at 7fps lol it feels smooth.